• 2.4 GB of rich ensemble samples
  • 12 Articulations for expressive playing
  • Play rhythmic phrases with the Animator


Aimed at producers looking for high-quality ready-to-go string sections for modern productions, SESSION STRINGS produces immediate results without hours of fine tuning and tweaking, yet also boasts an incredible set of expressive features accessible from a highly intuitive interface. The fully production-ready sound is made up of four violins, three violas, two celli and two double basses – played as one perfectly realized ensemble via the free KONTAKT 5 PLAYER or KONTAKT 5, representing outstanding value for money.


Recorded and produced by e-instruments in one of the best sounding studios in Germany famous for its disco and pop productions during the 70s, this ensemble excels in delivering beautifully warm, punchy and direct strings. Precious instruments from the 18th and 19th century were recorded using the highest-end studio equipment. Top musicians from some of the finest orchestras in Europe performed a large number of strings articulations at the highest musical level.


SESSION STRINGS has been designed for maximum ease of use – start playing and instantly control the full, lush ensemble. Intuitively laid out, the instrument groups are mapped across the full keyboard range, with double bass on the lower keys and violins at the top end, with beautifully smooth cross-fading between each instrument group as you work your way up the register. The range of expression in SESSION STRINGS is phenomenal - with easily controllable falls, slides and crescendi instantly creating soulful and funky licks.

SESSION STRINGS beautifully reproduces the transition between notes, adding a truly human touch to your tracks. With an instantly accessible convolution reverb and EQ, it's easy to get the right string sound at once. You can even dial up a recreation of the legendary 60s string sound synonymous with countless Motown recordings.


The Animator feature can take your productions into deeper territories. Working in a similar way as an arpeggiator, the Animator can instantly transform a chord into a groovy staccato, spiccato or pizzicato phrase, rhythmically riffing on your played chord. The Animator is also easily tweaked to create dynamic results via the intuitive interface. Unique to SESSION STRINGS, you can trigger the Animator with a chord played by one hand, and then create an "unanimated" melody or further chords on the other hand.


"Session Strings opened up a whole new way of being a 'Fiddler'." Amp Fiddler

"Session Strings works particularly well where you need string flavours to enhance a pop, rock or dance arrangement." Guy Sigsworth

"Focused and detailed, so good to really hear the string on the bow." Marius de Vries

"The Animator is a really special tool for composing and performing - great idea!" Tensnake

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Product type: KOMPLETE Instrument
For use with: Free KONTAKT 5 PLAYER (included in free KOMPLETE 8 PLAYERS), or KONTAKT 5
Number of instruments: 48 NKIs: 10 Standard Performance + 10 MTown Performance (combining articulations such as Sustain, Falls, Scoops, Staccato, etc); 14 Standard Individual + 14 MTown Individual (single articulations per patch)
Sound category: Strings
Size: 1,65 GB (2,3 GB uncompressed)
System requirements: FREE KONTAKT 5 PLAYER or KONTAKT 5
Please also see the KONTAKT 5 PLAYER system requirements and the KONTAKT 5 PLAYER FAQ
Mac: Intelmac only, no PPC support
PC: needs SSE2 (CPU supplementary instruction set)
User manual: Download Manual


SESSION STRINGS PRO — an inspiring, detailed instrument for contemporary studio strings, and the sequel to the popular SESSION STRINGS.
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