STUDIO DRUMMER provides three top-of-the-range kits from leading manufacturers, each with a set of four premium cymbals, a choice of two snares and a selection of percussion. The cymbals and snares were carefully chosen to complement the character sound of the kits so whichever snare you’re using, the kits are nicely coherent.

With a range of articulations, up to 25 different velocity levels and up to six alternative samples per hit, these drums deliver authentic sound and a vivid, responsive feel — high-end drums for a wide range of styles and genres. Read on to find out about each kit in detail.


A Pearl Masters Premium Maple kit with a big monster sound for rock and metal.
  • Kick: 22" x 18" Pearl Masters Premium Maple Bass Drum
  • Snare 1: 14" x 7" Sonor Hilite Maple Snare
  • Snare 2: 14" x 8" Masshoff Drums Big Chief Steel Cast Snare
  • Hi-hat: 15" Masterwork Jazz Master Hi-hat
  • Toms: Pearl Masters Premium Maple Toms
  • Crash 1: 18" Masterwork Custom Crash
  • Crash 2: 20" Masterwork Custom Crash
  • Ride: 22" Masterwork Jazz Master Ride
  • China: 18" Sabian HHX Chinese
  • Splash: 10" Zildjian K Splash
  • Percussion: Tambourine, sticks, cowbell and handclaps


A Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit with a versatile, neutral, studio sound — ideal for pop, country or anything else.
  • Kick: 22" x 16" Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Bass Drum
  • Snare 1: 14" x 6.5" Masshoff Drums Avalon Steel Cast Snare
  • Snare 2: 13" x 5" Mapex Black Panther Maple Snare
  • Hi-hat: 15" Masterwork Iris Hi-hat
  • Toms: Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Toms
  • Crash 1: 17" Masterwork Iris Crash
  • Crash 2: 18" Masterwork Iris Crash
  • Ride: 20" Masterwork Custom Pointer Ride
  • China: 20" Masterwork Iris China
  • Splash: 10" Masterwork Iris Splash
  • Percussion: Tambourine, sticks, cowbell and handclaps


A Sonor SQ2 Drum System with a surly, aggressive edge for blues, alternative rock and much more.
  • Kick: 22" x 20" Sonor SQ2 Drum System Bass Drum
  • Snare 1: 14" x 5.5" Masshoff Drums Poinciana Steel Cast Snare
  • Snare 2: 14" x 6.5" Ludwig Classic Maple Snare
  • Hi-hat: 16" Paiste Twenty Medium Light Hi-hat
  • Toms: Sonor SQ2 Drum System Toms
  • Crash 1: 16" Paiste Dark Energy Crash
  • Crash 2: 18" Paiste Dark Energy Crash
  • Ride: 22" Masterwork Natural Ride
  • China: 18" Masterwork Resonant China
  • Splash: 9" Masterwork Resonant Splash
  • Percussion: Tambourine, sticks, cowbell and handclaps
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