Free amp simulator and multi-effects rack

Guitar Rig 7 Player comes with the free Factory Selection, a set of creative components taken from Guitar Rig 7 Pro:

Amps and cabinets

Fire Seeker amp (ICM) with Matched Cabinet Pro: This hand-wired American boutique amp can do everything from metal tones to classic clean sounds.

Jump amp with Matched Cabinet Pro: The sound of the Jump is a classic choice, perfect for smooth, singing leads that characterize the much-loved sound of British amps. Its Matched Cabinet perfectly complements the amp, completing this essential, ready-to-rock duo.

Reverbs and delays

Studio Reverb: Authentically emulate the space of halls and rooms.

Delay Man: A warm and flexible delay unit with built-in chorus and vibrato.

Twin Delay: A combination of two parallel delay modules for advanced stereo effects. Each of the delayed signal chains is assigned to one of the stereo channels and features a full set of controls.


Red Fuzz (ICM): A distortion pedal designed to produce a classic fuzz sound, originally achieved by using broken circuits or speakers.

Skreamer: This warm, smooth-sounding overdrive is perfect for rhythm guitar and silky, clear-cut leads.


Chorus/Flanger: This delay-based unit can create chorusing, flanging, and pitch modulation effects, depending on the Mode switch.

Equalizers and filters

EQ Parametric: A parametric equalizer is a sophisticated form of tone control, allowing you to boost or attenuate a continuously adjustable range of frequencies with a variable bandwidth from broad to sharp.

EQ Shelving: A shelving equalizer combines a high-pass and a low-pass filter to boost or attenuate the frequency ranges above and below their frequency limits, while the midrange frequencies remain untouched.

Pro-Filter: Based on a filter included in Native Instruments’ legacy software synthesizer Pro-53.


Supercharger: Inspired by a one-of-a-kind boutique tube compressor. Sculpt your dynamics with the simplicity of one knob for total focus on your sound.

Limiter: Works like a compressor with a high compression ratio and a short attack time.

Volume: This simple volume control can attenuate or boost the level at any point in the signal chain.

Tube Compressor: Evens out dynamic contrasts by attenuating signals above a threshold.

Noise Gate: Helps remove noise and hiss, but can also be used as a special effect.

Noise Reduction: Similar to the Noise Gate, but with a softer effect.
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