Amps and Cabinets

A boutique selection of 26 classic guitar and bass amplifiers with matching cabinets, modeled using award-winning techniques to provide a wide range of signature tones.

New in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

Guitar Rig 7 Pro comes with four brand-new amps, built using Native Instruments Intelligent Circuit Modeling technology: realistic amp emulation powered by machine learning.

Super Fast 100

A legendary 100W all-tube amp that defined the sound of modern rock with its shiny cleans, creamy leads, and high-gain sounds.

Reverb Delight

A timeless classic from the mid-60s, played on countless hit recordings, and regarded as one of the most essential workhorse guitar amps ever made.


Modeled after a legendary 60s tube amp renowned for its clean tone and gritty breakup, AC Box XV features a meticulously designed "point-to-point" hand-wired chassis produced in the UK. This two-channel tone monster shaped the sound of Liverpool.

Bass Rage

An iconic all-tube bass amp that delivers 300 watts of classic bass tone, is designed for players who are looking for the authentic, vintage tube sound that has earned the respect of the industry.

Plus all the classics


Part amp, part historical artifact, this warm and fuzzy number will drench your guitar tones in flavor from the 50s or give whichever audio source you choose a dose of wondrous tube saturation.

Fire Seeker

A sonic sibling to Fire Breather, this hand-wired American boutique amp can do everything from metal tones to classic clean sounds.

Bass Invader

With a broad variety of powerful tone shaping tools, this versatile bass amp gives you everything you need to make low end sounds cut through your mix. Run any sounds through it to infuse them with a classic 90s British indie flavor.

Fire Breather

With a huge range of sonic possibilities, this amp provides anything from beautiful clarity to all out thrash aggression. Team it up with overdrive and delay for soaring solo shredding styles.


The sound of Jump is a well-behaved alternative to the Lead 800, sporting a little less gain but perfecting the smooth, singing lead sounds we love from British amps.

Van 51

A heavy amp with a signature sound, from hard rock to blistering crunch: great for drop tunings and menacing palm-muted chords but also extremely flexible.

Hot Solo+

Paying homage to a classic hand-wired tube amp with a boutique, responsive, overdriven tone. For expressive, singing solos that still pack a punch, the Hot Solo+ is your amp.


The classic Plex sound probably needs no introduction; it's the vintage amp sound that’s powered too many hit records to mention. This is the ultimate classic for blues and rock.

Hot Plex

A gain-spiced version of the classic Plex sound, this amp comes with a generous amount of distortion to give vintage tones a boost.

Cool Plex

For a heart-warming vintage clean sound, this amp has you covered. The Cool Plex adds soul to any retro tone: transparent yet thick and charismatic.

Lead 800

This smooth, intense lead sound cuts through the mix and offers plenty of flexibility. While the Plex works very well for both chunky rhythm sounds and leads, the Lead 800 gives a brighter, edgier tone.


Ultra-modern and ultra-high-gain, the Ultrasonic is a two-channel boutique amp with all the modern tones you could ever want.

AC Box

AC Box delivers the famous sound that powered the British reign of pop music. We chose a model that not only features a unique flavor but also some nice circuit wizardry, adding a Brilliant channel.


If you’re yearning for a 70s British sound with a bunch of flavor, the Citrus amp has what you need. Its tones range from the edge of clean to gritty distortion when the master and gain controls are cranked.


This ground-breaking amp emulation unlocks Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe’s iconic trademark sound.

Bass Pro

This monster amp delivers that gritty, growling sound that really makes bass stand out in a mix. Along with Bass Pro’s unique tonal qualities, the amp boasts a graphic equalizer, allowing you to tailor your sound with precision.

High White

Looking for the signature British sound of David Gilmour and Pete Townsend? High White delivers with 100 virtual watts of pure tone.

Jazz Amp

The Jazz Amp produces a warm, clean tone. An essential part of its sound is the Ensemble effect, which adds chorusing or vibrato. As a result, the Ensemble is built into the Jazz Amp.


Gratifier emulates a famous multi-channel solo head with a tube power amp. A fourth channel has been added to span the tonal range from clean to over-the-top distortion.


Our Tweedman was initially designed as a bass amp. Since then, it has made its way as a classic guitar amp without losing its bass excellence.

Twang Reverb

Twang Reverb simulates the rich tube sound of a classic amp. It’s ideal for screaming blues leads, crunchy rhythm guitar sounds, and clean tones.

Tweed Delight

This amp, based on an American legend, is designed to go from glassy clean to bluesy squawk with just three control knobs.

Cabinet Impulse Response Loader

Amps are important, but cabs make a substantial difference too. Guitar Rig 7 Pro comes with a Cabinet Impulse Response Loader that can be used with any of your favorite IRs to emulate the acoustics of cabinets, bringing depth and realism to your guitar sound. The factory content includes IRs by 3 Sigma Audio, Kohle Audio Kult, Lancaster Audio, Bogren Digital, and cabIR.

Matched Cabinet Pro

All amps include matching cabinet modules: each with Impulse Responses from Ownhammer and 3 Sigma Audio, and a “direct” to “room” slider, providing you with classic sounds in seconds.

Control Room

Control Room delivers instant pro sound. Each preset gives you a classic cabinet set up with eight high-end microphones, painstakingly positioned by studio legend Peter Weihe for perfect phase alignment. Each mic has its own fader on the 8-track mixer, so you can blend them however you like.

Control Room Pro

Control Room Pro gives you eight custom setups at once for the ultimate in fine-tuning. Choose from 27 cabinets, up to 16 microphones, and up to three mic positions, including room mics.

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