No. KOMPLETE KONTROL is included with purchase of any KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard as part of KOMPLETE 11 SELECT. It also comes with KOMPLETE 11 and KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE.
Native Map®, sound browsing, performance features, and Touch Strip modes will work for all instruments in KOMPLETE 9, KOMPLETE 10 or KOMPLETE 11 suites, plus newer KOMPLETE instruments. Please note: You will need to use the KOMPLETE KONTROL software in order to use the keyboard with your current instruments.
The latest version of the MASCHINE 2 software works with Mk1 and Mk2 KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards. Mk2 keyboards feature deeper integration, including control over features like pattern creation, organizing ideas in Ideas View, and mixing.
Yes, you can browse all KOMPLETE and NKS instrument sounds by sound tags and keywords, create custom mappings and favorites, hear instant previews, and use Smart Play features.
If you have KOMPLETE 11 or KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE, you already have everything in KOMPLETE 11 SELECT. If you have KOMPLETE 9, KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE, KOMPLETE 10 or KOMPLETE 10 ULTIMATE, KOMPLETE 11 SELECT provides some new instruments – THE GENTLEMAN piano, and REPLIKA delay.
KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards work with all DAWs that support VST/AU/AAX, with additional features enabled in Logic Pro, Garage Band, Ableton Live, Cubase, and Nuendo.

Detailed information about support and integration with different host applications can be found in the KOMPLETE KONTROL documentation. For a quick-reference guide to using KOMPLETE KONTROL Mk2 keyboards in the above DAWs, please download the DAW shortcut sheet.
Yes, you can send MIDI through the 5-pin port without connecting the keyboard to a computer via USB cable. Make sure you’re using the latest firmware – find out more in this Knowledge Base article.

For owners of KOMPLETE KONTROL Mk2 units wishing to send MIDI directly from the keyboards 5-pin port, there are two options:

1. Connect an external power supply – either via USB or this NI power supply – and ensure that KOMPLETE KONTROL is not connected to a computer.
2. Connect KOMPLETE KONTROL to your computer as normal, and route MIDI via your DAW / host software.
Hundreds of software instruments from leading plug-in manufacturers are NKS instruments, which allow the same deep integration outlined above. An up-to-date list of NKS instruments can be found here.

All non-NKS VSTs feature some automatic mapping. You can load VSTs via KOMPLETE KONTROL, after which all Smart Play functions will work. You can also save presets, add user tags, create custom mappings, and more.

This table shows you the features available to KOMPLETE Instruments, NKS Instruments, and VST Instruments in the KOMPLETE KONTROL software.

Light GuideSound TaggingSound Browsing from HWControls mappedCreate Custom PagesPlay AssistanceMultiple View SizesBrowser ArtworkIncluded in Factory Tab
KOMPLETE Instruments

- created by the instrument developer

NKS instruments

- created by the instrument developer


VST instruments

User creates tags

- automapped (no section names, etc)

NKS is an extended plug-in format that opens up the Native Instruments ecosystem. It allows VST and KONTAKT instrument developers to integrate their plug-ins with KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE at the same deep level as KOMPLETE Instruments. This means that even instruments not built by NI can be fully integrated in the KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE browsers, with instrument parameters intelligently mapped straight out of the box. NKS instruments can access the Light Guide, Smart Play features, and the full creative potential of KOMPLETE KONTROL. The NKS version of an instrument will be a free update for existing owners.
To see the complete list of instruments currently compatible with NKS, please click here.
The KOMPLETE KONTROL S88 features a fully-weighted hammer action keybed. The KOMPLETE KONTROL S25, S49, and S61 keyboards feature semi-weighted synth-action keybeds.

All keybeds are manufactured by Fatar and feature monophonic aftertouch.
Mk1 KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards support traditional sustain pedals via the Sustain jack. Half-damper sustain pedals are supported via the Expression jack. Follow the instructions in the Knowledge Base article here to set up your half-damper pedal.

Mk2 KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards feature two TRS jacks, labelled PEDAL A and PEDAL B. Each will support either kind of pedal, plus expression, two-way, and three-way pedals.
Mk1 KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards require the included power supply (you can order a replacement here if required).

Mk2 KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards are USB bus-powered and require no additional power supply. In order to ensure a reliable connection, please ensure that the keyboard is connected either directly to your computer or to a powered USB hub.