Make it your own. From subtle changes in tonal shades to more dramatic sonic shifts, NOIRE gives you plenty of ways to shape the sound to suit the piece of music you’re working on.


For some pieces, you’ll want to enhance realism with an array of natural and mechanical noises. Blend in piano noises, including the sounds of hammer mechanics and a variety of pedal noises. Add room noise, tape hiss, crowd sounds, or other ambient artifacts. You can even sprinkle in some subtle player noises – like the sound of fingers tapping on the keys.


While it may seem sacrilegious to make this luxurious piano sound like it’s being broadcast through a vintage radio set, you might need that option. That’s why we’ve created NOIRE to offer a wide sonic range. Dial in a kind of hybrid electric piano with some tremolo, transform NOIRE into a dark, moody pad, or add grit with distorted harmonics, for example. In addition, the ‘style’ feature lets you quickly change the piano’s timbre, add movement, or incorporate continuous noises.


Contemporary composition often makes effective use of sub bass, and it’s included as an option here. We created the sub channel by sampling the same piano using a studio speaker as a microphone, then tweaked the result to enhance subharmonic frequencies.


The ‘Tonal Shift’ dial has a prominent place in the interface, and it’s a great way to quickly change the spectral character of the instrument. Inspired by a technique used by Beatles producer George Martin, this dial simulates the timbral changes that result from recording an instrument at a different tape speed. From half speed to double speed, experiment and hear how the sound affects the mood of your piece.
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