Yes. All class-compliant MIDI devices can be connected and powered via USB. (Note that performance and feature availability may vary depending on the interface.) MASCHINE+ fully integrates with our KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series Mk2, A-Series, and M32 keyboards.
MASCHINE+ is fully compatible with our KOMPLETE AUDIO 1, 2 and 6 audio interfaces. It also supports class-compliant audio interfaces, although performance and feature availability may vary depending on the interface. View a list of the interfaces we tested.
Yes. Samples, projects, sounds, and groups can be stored on an external hard drive and connected via USB. User samples can also be transferred using the SD card.
Yes. The important thing is to choose a fast card, since MASCHINE+ reads and writes to the SD card and slower cards could impact performance.

The included card in MASCHINE+ has the following specifications: UHS-I, U3, Native I. Class 10, V30. A1. Anything that meets these specifications or exceeds them will be fine.
Most MASCHINE Jam functions are supported.
This really depends on which instruments and effects, how you use them, polyphony, voices, and so on. MASCHINE+ is designed to handle many instances at a time, and in typical use you shouldn’t max out the CPU. In general, we recommend deleting any unused instruments and effects anyway to ensure you stay in safe CPU limits.
Yes. MASCHINE+ is now the flagship device in the MASCHINE line.
No. MASCHINE MK3 remains a key part of our portfolio for users who don’t require the standalone functionality.
Yes. All DC laptop power banks are compatible, and can provide 8-15 hours of operating time per session. The requirements are as follows: 15 V (This must be met exactly), at least 2.66 amps, positive polarity.
No. When using MASCHINE+ as a controller with MASCHINE software on a computer, it is possible to power the unit via USB.
MASCHINE+ comes with MASCHINE+ Selection, a curated bundle of instruments, effects, and sounds optimized to run in standalone mode:

Compatible instruments and effects:

MASCHINE Factory Library
REAKTOR Factory Selection R2
KONTAKT Factory Selection


All Expansions are compatible except PRISMATIC BLISS and MASSIVE X Expansions. The following Expansions are included in MASCHINE+ Selection:

Vouchers for two Expansions of your choice
All future Expansions will be supported by MASCHINE+, and we will consider other instruments and effects based on performance and the needs of our customers.
Our priority is to provide a seamless experience when using MASCHINE+, so we’re currently focusing on our own products for now. However, it is something we may consider in the future.
MASCHINE+ takes its workflow from the popular MK3, which means we can develop future features for both models simultaneously and release them either at the same time or within a few days of one another.
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