An exclusive composition collection

8Dio is a leading independent developer of Kontakt instruments, trusted by producers and composers around the world. Pick up ten of their most-loved tools for film, games, and TV soundtracks in this special bundle exclusive to Native Instruments.

The Modern Scoring Bundle

Majestica Professional

Create epic scores with the largest symphony orchestra ever sampled – featuring 240 players across five sections.

Lacrimosa Choir

The choir you’ve always needed. Get 200 choir voices captured in over 16,000 premium samples with three mic positions.

Anthology Strings

Write stellar strings with three top-tier libraries, plus creative effects and more, in a single playable package.

Deep Solo Violin

A highly detailed solo violin library, featuring 88 articulations and over 20,000 samples.

Hybrid Tools 4

Get dramatic sound for every scoring need with the professional gold standard for cinematic scoring tools.

CAGE Bundle

Get the full spectrum of orchestral effects with strings, brass, and woodwinds in a single bundle.

Century Ostinato Strings

Breathe life into your string writing with this customizable library, spanning everything from gentle repeating patterns to hectic rhythms.

Century Ensemble Brass Bundle

A state-of-the-art brass collection, painstakingly recorded and packed with next-gen sampling features.

Requiem Professional

An epic cathedral choir and five soloists, featuring innovative sampling techniques and over 1,000 vocal effects.

Intimate Studio Strings

Craft emotional strings with unprecedented control. Explore hundreds of ensemble sizes and deep mixing features.

Hear 8Dio in action

Product specialist Reuben Cornell dives into the Modern Scoring Bundle and shows what’s on offer for detailed and distinctive scores and soundtracks.

About 8Dio

8Dio is one of the leading independent developers of Kontakt instruments and the inventor of deep sampling. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2011, 8Dio is on a mission to balance artistry and engineering with no limitations. If you've watched any blockbuster films in the last decade, listened to Top 40 music, or played video games such as Tomb Raider, then you've heard 8Dio in action.

At a glance

Product type: Kontakt instruments
For use with: Kontakt
Download size: 322.08 GB
System requirements: Kontakt

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