Orchestral ensemble magic

  • Get started with the inspiring sounds that make the Symphobia Series a go-to for pro composers
  • Full orchestral patches plus string, brass and woodwind ensembles – all with a wide variety of articulations
  • Includes an array of orchestral effects, clusters, percussion, international instruments, cinematic hits, and more
  • New 2.0 update brings an intuitive new design, additional features, and more flexibility

Unlimited composing inspiration

ProjectSAM's unique ensemble-recording philosophy creates an unmistakably cinematic sound across a wide range of sections and articulations. From full orchestra to symphonic strings, brass, and wind, plus cinematic effects, clusters, and percussive hits, Orchestral Essentials has everything you need to compose screen-ready cues.

Orchestral Essentials’ new 2.0 update modernizes the whole experience with a new browser, new legato engine, improved filters and envelopes, and a fresh, new look.

About ProjectSAM

Back in 2001 ProjectSAM was unsatisfied with the sound and articulations of the sample libraries available at that time and set out to record their own. Their first commercial library was an overnight success and introduced the now widely adopted multi-mic concert hall sampling setup. For the first time, users could choose between a close and an ambient mic for the same preset. Introducing and perfecting its ensemble recording concept with the Symphobia Series as well as their focus on realistic orchestral sequencing and effects, ProjectSAM products have added magic to an ever-growing list of blockbuster films, games, and hit songs.

At a glance

Product type: Plugin
For use with: The latest version of KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT
Download size: 8.69 GB
System requirements: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT. Please also see the KONTAKT PLAYER system requirements and the KONTAKT PLAYER FAQ
You can install this instrument with Native Access – just as you would with any Native Instruments product.

How NKS can help you

NKS connects KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards, MASCHINE hardware, and third-party controllers to hundreds of software instruments and effects – not just from NI, but from over 90 leading plug-in developers. Enjoy your products with streamlined browsing, unified workflow, and key parameters pre-mapped by the designers themselves. It’s now even easier to bring your new sounds to life.


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