• The pure, glacial sound of an aluminum percussion instrument
  • Generative pattern tools for quickly building ideas
  • Shape sounds with tremolo, strum, and ensemble modules


Named after the Greek god of dreams, the Morpheus is an aluminum percussion instrument made by the US company Freenotes. The instrument is modular; the keys can be rearranged in any order you like, as each metal bar is attached to its own tuned resonator. Its aluminium keys give Morpheus a pure, glass-like sound. The Morpheus instrument page features envelope and filter controls for shaping the sound, as well as tremolo, strum and ensemble modules.


Soniccouture develop virtual instruments and sample libraries for composers and producers. They have been working in close partnership with Native Instruments and the KONTAKT platform since 2005 to change the way sampled instruments are regarded by musicians.

Combining unprecedented levels of detail with organic performance programming, groundbreaking instruments like Pan Drums and Balinese Gamelan quickly established Soniccouture as one of the most original and innovative instrument developers. Today, with a wide catalogue of instruments already available, Soniccouture continue to explore the limits of what is possible with sampling.


Product type: KONTAKT instrument
For use with: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT
Download size: 700 MB
System requirements: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT. Please also see the KONTAKT PLAYER system requirements and the KONTAKT PLAYER FAQ.
You can install this instrument with Native Access – just as you would with any Native Instruments product.

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