Top virtual amps and amp plugins from Native Instruments

Whether you’re a guitarist looking for the perfect tone or a music producer in search of creative audio effects, amplifiers are a powerful music-making tool. But it’s not always practical to have these bulky objects in your home or studio. This is where virtual amps come in. Thanks to advanced digital signal processing, we can bottle the authentic sound of a vintage guitar or bass amp in an amp plugin, for use in your DAW or other production software.

A virtual guitar amp also opens up new possibilities that analog amps can’t offer. You can customize your sound in new ways, combine different gear into bold new signal chains, and draw on decades of iconic gear with the click of a mouse.

In this article, we’ll run down the best virtual amp plugins available from Native Instruments. Covering legendary guitar and bass tones, mighty modern sounds, and idiosyncratic outsiders, these amp plugins will give you everything you need to sculpt your sound—whether you’re a woodshedding guitarist or an adventurous sound designer.

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Best virtual amps and amp plugins in Guitar Rig 7 Pro from Native Instruments

1. Super Fast 100

Super Fast 100 is a powerful modern all-rounder. Modeled on a legendary 100W tube amplifier that’s hand-built in the USA, this amp plugin gives you a perfect balance of potent gain, controlled sustain, and accurate clean tones, making it a go-to for modern rock uses. NI’s machine learning-based ICM (Intelligent Circuit Modeling) gives groundbreaking depth and realism to this analog emulation. If it’s luscious leads or punchy high-gain sounds you’re after – whether in rock, metal, or blues – Super Fast 100 will get the job done.

Get Super Fast 100 in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

2. Reverb Delight

Reverb Delight brings you the sound of a timeless mid-’60s amp hailing from California, USA. You’ll recognize the sound of this virtual amp from countless hits across genres: rich, clear, and packed with subtleties. Modeled using NI’s ICM technology, Reverb Delight captures this beloved workhorse amp in all its glory. For added spice, check out the built-in effects: tremolo adds movement, while a choice of two spring reverb tanks can do anything from gentle depth to lush ambient shimmer.

Get Reverb Delight in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

3. AC Box XV

A sibling to the AC Box featured below, AC Box XV is modeled after a beloved 60s tube amp that shaped the sound of Liverpool rock ‘n’ roll. Use this virtual guitar amp for iconic clean tone and authentic gritty breakup, perfect for vintage rock sounds and beyond. The built-in vibrato effect is particularly characterful. The original amp features a meticulously designed "point-to-point" hand-wired chassis produced in the UK and Native Instruments used ICM technology to capture this legendary sound in the virtual realm.

Get AC Box XV in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

4. Bass Rage

Bass players in search of an authentic, vintage tube sound should look no further than Bass Rage. This bass amp plugin models the sound of one of the most highly regarded bass amps, an all-tube 300 watt monster used by the likes of George Clinton and Gene Simmons. Flexible controls allow you to dial in a range of classic bass tones, while NI’s groundbreaking ICM technology ensures that the sound of the original amp is captured in the best definition.

Get Bass Rage in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

5. Chicago

Chicago is a piece of music history. Modeling the fuzzy, dirty sound of a vintage amp from the 1950s, this virtual amp for guitar is great for conjuring up the sound of early rock ‘n’ roll. Use it to drench your guitar tones with authentic tube saturation – or try it on other instruments, such as drums, for compelling, gritty effects. For a good balance between vintage flair and modern control, try switching the amp into Mod mode for a tighter sound.

Get Chicago in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

6. Fire Seeker

Fire Seeker gives you a clear, detailed tone with a tight low-frequency response, making it perfect for a variety of styles, from blues and classic rock through to hard rock and heavy metal. For this amp plugin, Native Instruments used their machine-learning based ICM technology to capture the sound of a hand-wired American boutique amp that builds on British legacy. The result is a versatile virtual guitar amp that can do rich clean sounds just as well as mighty metal tones. For maximum sound-sculpting possibilities, use the mode switch to explore three different configurations of the amplifier’s internal gain structure.

Get Fire Seeker in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

7. Bass Invader

Bass Invader brings you the beloved sound of late 80s and 90s indie rock. This bass amp plugin excels at a clean, sweet bass tone, perfect for helping your low-end cut through the mix, or for infusing any instrument with an authentic indie sound. But its extensive tone shaping controls give you plenty of possibilities, with some interesting distortion effects at the extreme end of the scale. If your sound isn’t sitting quite right, try applying Lo Cut, Mid Contour, and Hi Boost for different frequency profiles.

Get Bass Invader in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

8. Fire Breather

A sibling to the Fire Seeker mentioned above, Fire Breather is an ultra-versatile guitar amp plugin that offers a huge range of sonic possibilities. Modeled on a contemporary British-inspired amplifier using NI’s ICM technology, Fire Breather brings you a clear and detailed character with a tight low-frequency response. Enjoy its pristine clean tones, or try pairing it with overdrive and delay for a mighty shredding sound.

Get Fire Breather in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

9. Jump

Jump will give you the forceful sound of 80s hard rock and heavy metal. It’s modeled on a beloved British amp, with plenty of scope for customization thanks to an extensive control set (flick open the Expert panel for all the tweaking options you’ll ever need). Jump is similar to the Lead 800 amp plugin mentioned below, but it has a slightly tamer, smoother sound that’s great for singing leads.

Get Jump in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

10. Van 51

If heavy riffs are your thing, Van 51 is for you. This virtual amp is modeled on a mighty 90s amp with a signature sound that was widely used in hard rock and metal. The gain is high and the tone raw and edgy, making Van 51 perfect for chunky chords and screaming leads. Switch from Rhythm to Lead channel for even higher gain.

Get Van 51 in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

11. Hot Solo+

Hot Solo+ should be your go-to amp plugin for expressive, singing solos – but there’s more to it than that. Inspired by a classic hand-wired tube amp with a responsive, overdriven tone, Hot Solo+ gives you two great-sounding channels. The low-gain Normal channel will deliver pristine clean sounds, while the high-gain Overdrive channel suits those trademark liquid leads. Look no further for a powerful contemporary rock sound.

Get Hot Solo+ in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

12. Plex

The vintage vibe of Plex will sound familiar from countless hit records. This guitar amp plugin is modeled on a legendary 60s amp beloved by the likes of Pete Townshend and Jimi Hendrix, making it perfect for a classic blues or rock sound. Two channels – one brighter, the other warmer – can be blended together for extensive tone shaping. Whatever settings you choose, the Plex tone is unmistakable.

Get Plex in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

13. Lead 800

Lead 800 is perfect for bright, impactful lead guitars. Taking inspiration from a 80s hard rock staple, this virtual amp for guitar will help your solo cut through the mix with a little more bite than Jump – while still retaining smoothness. For an iconic rock pairing, try using Plex on your rhythm guitar and Lead 800 on your lead.

Get Lead 800 in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

14. Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic gives you a cutting-edge high-gain sound. This amp plugin is modeled on a boutique modern amp that can deliver a wide spectrum of modern guitar tones. The classic-sounding Clean channel is an effective all-rounder, but the magic really happens in the Overdrive channel, which can serve up astonishing aggression without losing focus. For fans of heavy modern sounds, Ultrasonic is a no-brainer.

Get Ultrasonic in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

15. AC Box

AC Box brings you the sound of jangly 60s British pop. It’s modeled on an amp conceived at the dawn of rock music, when British musicians needed more power to be heard over their screaming fans. To dial in that trademark sound, reach for the Brilliant channel – famously known as top boost – for a unique, shiny flavor. If it’s an early Beatles or Kinks sound you’re after, AC Box will deliver it in loving detail.

Get AC Box in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

16. Citrus

For an authentic 70s British sound with tons of flavor, reach for Citrus. This virtual amp pays homage to a UK-made amp beloved for its unmistakable, rich character. Citrus works well in a range of contexts. Keep the knobs low for a welcoming clean sound, or crank the Master and Gain controls for gritty, vintage distortion.

Get Citrus in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

17. Rammfire

What if you could have the iconic sound of an all-time great guitarist at your fingertips? Rammfire answers this question. It models the sound of guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe’s personal rig, capturing the rhythm guitar tone he’s used on every Rammstein album. In addition to the original multi-channel solo head with tube power amp used by Kruspe, we’ve added a fourth channel to further extend the range of sounds, from rich cleans to powerful distortion.

Get Rammfire in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

18. Bass Pro

Bass Pro will give your bass guitar grit and growl, helping it to stand out in a full mix. Aside from its punchy sound, this bass amp plugin stands apart for its distinctive graphic equalizer. Boost or cut 9 frequency bands to dial in just the sound you need, whether it’s taming low-end rumble or enhancing high-frequency attack. Modeled on a classic workhorse bass amp, Bass Pro is probably the only virtual bass amp you’ll need.

Get Bass Pro in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

19. High White

Looking for the classic British sound of David Gilmour and Pete Townshend? High White might be the amp plugin for you. It’s modeled on a classic 100W amp that was revered by the greats for its incredible build quality and expressive range. Now, you can enjoy its rich clean tones and mighty overdrive from the comfort of your studio. For the most striking effects, blend in the more aggressive-sounding Brilliance channel.

Get High White in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

20. Jazz Amp

Jazz Amp is modeled on a well-loved solid-state amp made by a renowned synthesizer manufacturer. Popular in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s post-punk scene, this amp is admired for its warm and clean yet powerful sound. Most striking, though, is the built-in Ensemble effect. Use it to add juicy vibrato or chorus to your tone, for instant trippy charm.

Get Jazz amp in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

21. Gratifier

Gratifier is inspired by the sound of a famous American multi-channel solo head, revered for its aggressive, bass-heavy sound. This amp was popular with heavy bands of the late 90s and 2000s – Korn, Soundgarden, and Foo Fighters count among its fans – and Gratifier is perfect for in-your-face tones. Gratifier is more versatile than its rep might suggest though, with four different channels offering a range of sounds, from clean to excessive distortion.

Get Gratifier in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

22. Tweedman

Tweedman will give you raw vintage bass tones and plenty else besides. The amp that inspired it was originally designed for bass guitars in the 1950s, but went on to be used for all manner of other instruments. Try mixing the two channels together for a range of flavors to suit whatever sound source you might throw at it.

Get Tweedman in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

23. Twang Reverb

Twang Reverb will give you a rich 60s tube sound with gallons of character. Modeled on the sound of an all-time classic amp, it’s ideal for crunchy rhythm guitars and screaming blues leads. As the name suggests, make sure to dial in some of the in-built spring reverb for authentic shimmer.

Get Twang Reverb in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

24. Tweed Delight

Virtual amps don’t get much classier than Tweed Delight. Modeled on a legendary American amplifier, it offers just three controls that unlock a world of juicy sounds, from glassy clean to roaring blues tones. If you want a rich vintage tone with minimum fuss, load up Tweed Delight and you’ll be there in no time.

Get Tweed Delight in Guitar Rig 7 Pro

Take your virtual amps to the next level with effects:

Found the best amp plugin for you? That’s just the beginning. Getting a great sound from your virtual amp means being creative at every stage in your signal chain. Guitar Rig 7 Pro offers you all the tools you need to get rich, characterful sound. This sound designer’s playground comes with dozens of effects for every conceivable need, including reverbs and delays, distortion and overdrive units, modulation, lo-fi effects, EQs, dynamics, and more.

Start using virtual amps in your music

In this article, we’ve looked at the best virtual amp plugins available from Native Instruments. To enjoy these virtual amps—alongside countless effects and other sound-shaping tools—get Guitar Rig 7 Pro, an inspiration suite for guitarists and sound explorers.

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