Hip hop VST plugins

Get the exact vibe you need with virtual hip hop and rap instruments for a huge range of subgenres, styles, and eras. From old school West Coast flavor to fresh Japanese hip hop, travel time and space with a wide-ranging VST selection. Everything in our collection has been thoughtfully sampled for true hip hop keys, drums, bass, synths, and vocal sounds. Plus, Native Instruments hip hop plugins are developed together with some of the genre’s leading artists and producers for a completely faithful sound.

Classic hip hop plugins

Channel future-facing sounds or reference the classics with the best hip hop VSTs in our collection for cult, underground, and classic sounds.

Empire Breaks

An old-school hip hop VST plugin with sounds sampled and resampled from original recordings for golden-era hip hop flavor.

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Sacred Futures

Classic boom bap meets next-gen sound with a plugin that's ideal for both trap and hip hop productions.

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Burnt Hues

Get a sample-heavy underground sound with our hip hop VST for West Coast vibes from the 2000s until now.

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Borough Chops

The best VST for hip hop from the genre’s golden-era, including drums, funky bass, and stacked chords for boom bap at its finest.

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Artists and producers exclusives

Get closer to some giants of the scene with exclusive hip hop and rap VSTs developed alongside renowned artists and producers.

Karriem Riggins Drums

Access the signature sound of the pioneering hip hop producer and jazz drummer with this hands-on Play Series instrument.

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40's Very Own Keys

A synth and keyboard hip hop VST curated by Drake’s Grammy-winning producer, including 150 presets all recorded and produced at 40’s studio.

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40’s Very Own Drums

Ultramodern drum sounds crafted by genre-defining hip hop producer Noah “40” Shebib, including 15 individual kits, each with 16 one-shots.

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Artist Expansion DJ Khalil

Get the sound of LA hip hop from the producer behind some of the scene’s greatest tracks, including a custom sample library built from his personal synth collection.

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Laid back and lofi plugins

These lofi hip hop plugins have all the ingredients for hazy, mellow beats, plus plenty of grainy texture for a warm, analog feel.


Dive into the sound of soulful hip hop with a VST plugin for hazy, mellow vibes, sampled and processed using original hardware and effects.

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Hazy Days

Get real drum sounds, classic keys, modular synths, and soulful vocals for laid back hip hop productions.

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Faded Reels

Our best VST for hip hop with a hazy, bedroom mix-tape vibe, including dusty kits, textures, and vintage synth presets.

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An underground hip hop VST with some lofi flavor. Explore dusty textures, vintage synths, and a crate load of vinyl samples.

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Genre blending

Get jazz, funk, pop, trap, R&B, and much more with the best VSTs for hip hop spanning different genres and eras.

Free Form

A definitive collection for jazz-based hip hop, create custom cuts with originally performed, royalty-free elements.

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Backyard Jams

A versatile VST plugin full of funk, jazz, soul, and hip hop influences with hundreds of loops, samples, and one shots.

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A vocal VST for hip hop, pop, and R&B productions with 148 slick presets.

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Melted Vibes

150 customizable presets for more hip hop, pop, and trap crossover productions, plus a range of effects and sequencing tools.

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Worldwide sound

From Kingston to London to Tokyo, take in hip hop’s international influences with VST plugins covering drill, Japanese hip hop and dancehall.

System Clash

A hip hop VST infused with dancehall and reggae, created with deep bass instruments and vintage synths.

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Concrete Sun

Dive into modern hip hop from Japan, with a VST plugin created by artists and producers from across the Japanese scene.

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Deft Lines

Tap into over 150 presets of cutting-edge drill from both sides of the Atlantic with muted keys, warped and layered strings, and bass dives.

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Young Phantom

Explore the rise and evolution of Drill in the UK, US, and beyond with the genre’s distinctive bass, frenetic percussion, and twisted vocal cuts.

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Native Instruments VST plugins

All our plugins run on Kontakt software. This shapeshifting platform is a sampler, instrument builder, and gateway to the widest collection of sampled instruments available anywhere, including our partner instruments and effects that run on Native Kontrol Standard (NKS).

These plugins work seamlessly with our keyboards, software, and Maschine without any additional setup.

Kontakt comes included in Komplete 14 the world's leading production suite, including 145 instruments and effects, 100+ Expansions, and over 135,000 sounds.

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