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We’re bringing together selected bundles from across our NKS developer partners with exclusive prices for Komplete 14* owners.

Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) partner plug-ins work seamlessly with our keyboards, software, and MASCHINE, without any additional setup. Our first collections come from our partners Soniccouture and Soundiron, two premium producers of boutique tools for scoring and sound design.

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New collections

Soundiron Vocal 3

A collection of nine diverse vocal libraries from Soundiron, from classical soprano to dream pop.

Crossgrade for KOMPLETE 14 Ultimate / Collectors Edition: $239.40

Full version: $299.40

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Soundiron 3

17 distinct instruments from Soundiron, from harps to automobile parts.

Crossgrade for KOMPLETE 14 Ultimate / Collectors Edition: $299.40

Full version: $359.40

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Soniccouture Beats

Six essential instruments from Soniccouture, including quirky drums, synths, and custom drum processors.

Crossgrade for KOMPLETE 14 Standard / Ultimate / Collectors Edition: $479.00

Full version: $629.00

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Soniccouture Cinematic

A premium scoring tool collection from Soniccouture.

Crossgrade for KOMPLETE 14 Ultimate / Collectors Edition: $599.00

Full version: $799.00

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Soniccouture Percussive Adventure

An eclectic collection bringing together eight different Soniccouture percussion instruments.

Crossgrade for KOMPLETE 14 Ultimate / Collectors Edition: $449.00

Full version: $579.00

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Soundiron, a premium developer of virtual instruments and sample libraries for songwriters, composers, and sound designers, builds beautiful-sounding instrument plugins that are inspiring to play.

NKS Collection - Soundiron Vocal 3

Crossgrade for KOMPLETE 14 Ultimate / Collectors Edition: $239.40

Full version: $299.40

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Mimi Page Light and Shadow

This feather-light soprano effortlessly glides from ambient and dream pop to EDM and cinematic vocal styles. Giving you chromatic articulations, melodic phrases, cinematic effects, pads, and more

Requiem Light Symphonic Choir

Specifically designed for epic cinematic scoring and dramatic trailer composition, this dynamic cathedral choir effortlessly switches between dramatic power, heavenly soft tones, and transcendent choral atmospheres.

Voice Of Wind: Adey

Welcome to the dusky, warm vocals of Adey Bell. Her soulful mezzo-soprano voice is perfect for simmering through classical, pop, folk, blues, lounge, and jazz styles.

Voices Of Gaia

A must-have collection of sounds for video game and fantasy composers. Guide four extraordinary vocalists through legatos, sustains, and staccatos, as well as live performance phrases in a variety of keys, tempos, and styles.

Voices of Rapture

Take control of four versatile singers covering the classical soprano, alto, tenor, and bass ranges. Perfect for underscoring, ambient arrangements, and reinforcing your soundtracks.

Olympus Choir Elements

A colossal 63-voice choir with a streamlined workflow, intelligent layering, independent control over male and female sections, and a huge range—from driving forte and shouts to subtle swells and whispers.

Voices Of Wind: Audrey

Stirring, airy female solo vocals from mezzo-soprano Audrey Howitt. Powerfully melodic, her voice fuses effortlessly with operatic, folk, classical, blues, and mystical music styles.

Voice Of Wind: Kimba

The unique, mezzo-soprano vocal stylings of Kimba Theurich. Breathy, sensitive vocals with a broad spectrum of chromatic and melodic articulations, suited to a diverse range of genres.

Mercury Boys Choir Elements (New)

An exquisitely recorded boys' chorus, including sustains, staccatos, and lush sound-designed choral atmospheres and pads, wrapped in an intuitive GUI.

NKS Collection - Soundiron 3

Crossgrade for KOMPLETE 14 Ultimate / Collectors Edition: $299.40

Full version: $359.40

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Alpha Organ

A deeply-sampled pipe organ recorded in San Francisco's St. Paul’s Church that captures the building’s extraordinary acoustics.

Hyperion Brass Element

A brass ensemble library with a forward and robust sound unlike any other. It features a dynamic articulation list, time-saving management tools, and deeply customizable acoustics.

Ambius Prime

A vast selection of hand-crafted pads, ambiences, leads, pulses, and textures. Each sound has been carefully sculpted from organic sources, captured from a wide spectrum of instruments, voices, and environments.

Antidrum Machine

The ultimate compendium of alternative instruments and experimental percussive sounds—from industrial machines and noisy contraptions, to booming bass and tight clicks and clacks. Ideal for hard-hitting rhythms and freaky sound design.

Apocalypse Percussion Elements

A potent selection of aggressive soundtrack drums and cymbals with more than 40 different drums, 100+ articulations, and deep dynamic layering. Derived from Soundiron’s epic percussion flagship, Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble.

Elysium Harp

A 47-string, Lyon & Healy bronze concert harp, recorded in exquisite detail. It comes with extended articulation choices, advanced controls, easy play-assist features, and warm presence across the entire key range.

Emotional Piano

A legendary virtual grand piano designed for professional soundtrack scoring, songwriting, and symphonic orchestration. Emotional Piano comes with a huge selection of presets and effects to give you an exceptional range of sonic flavors.

Glitch Hero

Created by composer and glitch artist Spencer Nunamaker—perfect for IDM, glitch, post rock, soundtrack, dub, and ambient music. Each library covers a unique style of hand-crafted, sound-designed drums and FX.

Hopkin Instrumentarium Rattletines

A set of unique hand-crafted tuned percussion instruments created by instrument designer and sound sculptor Bart Hopkin. Each produces their own special flavor of rattle or buzz, with a warmly resonant sound.

Hopkin Instrumentarium Tines and Echoes

A pentagonal sound box with 25 chromatically-tuned metal tines, each with a pair of sympathetic strings. Perfect for everything from melodic to percussive sounds to ambient and cinematic.

Hyperion Strings Elements

Hyperion Strings Elements is a universal string ensemble library with a forward and robust sound unlike any other. A strong tone and wide dynamic range make it perfect for scoring, composing, or songwriting.

Motor Rhythms

A unique drum kit crafted from raw automobile parts by musical artist and mechanic Jordan Hill. It comes with an expansive collection of atmospheres, grooves, pads, and synth tones created from raw acoustic sources.

Rhythmic Odyssey

A vast collection of 6000+ percussion loops with varying sounds and rhythmic styles, with an innovative interface and powerful engine features. A massive toolbox with endless creative possibilities.


A wide chromatic range of 16 individually-tuned didgeridoos capable of rhythmic grooves, vowel sounds, staccato articulations, and effects.

Hopkin Instrumentarium The U

Glissy steel lamellophone created by instrument inventor Bart Hopkin. It includes playable tuned and untuned articulations, as well as extended sound design patches for pads and textures.

Hopkin Instrumentarium Rumba Boxes

An assortment of large wooden bass kalimbas, with a rich acoustic essence that resounds brightly through each note. It offers a wide spectrum of playable articulations, ambiences, and custom FX presets.


Comprehensive collection of 95 shakers, tambourines, rattles, and bells from across the world. Includes fine-tuning and in-depth customization.


Soniccouture combines unprecedented levels of detail with organic performance programming and groundbreaking instruments, exploring the limits of what is possible with sampling.

NKS Collection - Soniccouture Beats

Crossgrade for KOMPLETE 14 Standard / Ultimate / Collectors Edition: $479.00

Full version: $629.00

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Sun Drums

A huge collection of vintage and modern drums built with a dry, contemporary sound in mind.


15 iconic drum machines multisampled via a club PA and vintage analog gear.


Shape new drum sounds in a thousand different ways with the Euclidean Beats sequencer.


Warm, dusty drum textures played on brushes, rods, and mallets.


A Kontakt instrument with no samples included. Drag and drop your own samples onto the pads, then shape, warp, and drill using unique custom drum processors.

The Attic 2

18 classic, quirky synths and 450 inspiring presets, lovingly modeled in one huge library.

NKS Collection - Soniccouture Cinematic

Crossgrade for KOMPLETE 14 Ultimate / Collectors Edition: $599.00

Full version: $799.00

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A massive string section of 60 musicians, including 26 different articulations sampled across the entire orchestral range.

All Saints Choir

The intimate yet expansive sound of a 32-voice choir, delivered in an intuitive instrument with true polyphonic legato.

Geosonics II

The latest evolution of the original soundscape instrument.
Legendary field recordist Chris Watson has captured audio from around the world, from the Gobi Desert to the glaciers of Iceland.


Three rare musical instruments that use glass to generate sound: Le Cristal Baschet, the Glass Armonica, and a set of Cloud Chamber Bowls.


A Scandinavian keyed string instrument dating back to the middle ages, featuring two different harpas


A deep-sampled, 5.5 octave Schiedmayer Studio Celesta from Soniccouture, with 32 velocity layers for supreme playability.

NKS Collection - Soniccouture Percussive Adventure

Crossgrade for KOMPLETE 14 Ultimate / Collectors Edition: $449.00

Full version: $579.00

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Pan Drums

Painstaking recordings of five different pan drums with authentic playing techniques.


A supremely realistic vibraphone accurately recreates the instrument’s defining tremolo effect.

Grand Marimba

A 5-octave Yamaha 6100, recorded in exceptional detail using custom techniques for unsurpassed realism from Soniccouture.

Orchestral Chimes

The sound of tubular bells, glockenspiel and crotales, captured with an unprecedented level of realism by.


An aluminum instrument with exceptionally pure percussion sounds.

Samulnori Percussion

A powerful ensemble of traditional Korean drums, each representing an element of nature.


A bamboo Balinese instrument with original and western tunings.

Skiddaw Stones

61 tuned and shaped rocks, reverently captured by Soniccouture for a bewitching, ancient sound.

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Install your NKS Collections instruments like any other Native Instruments product, by using Native Access.

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NKS connects KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards, MASCHINE hardware, and third-party controllers to hundreds of software instruments and effects – not just from NI, but from over 90 leading plug-in developers. Enjoy your products with streamlined browsing, unified workflow, and key parameters pre-mapped by the sound designers themselves. It’s now even easier to bring your new sounds to life.

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