We believe in partnerships in the music industry, not competitors. If you make VST plug-ins, KONTAKT instruments, or REAKTOR devices, we’d love to discuss a partnership with you, and help make your creations NKS-ready.

NKS provides a seamless workflow by allowing compatibility between software plug-ins and controller hardware. It’s setting an unprecedented standard in the music industry – we already partner with over 75 developers, with more than 500 NKS instruments and effects now available.

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See for yourself what some of our partners say...
"We are excited to collaborate with Native Instruments, enabling NKS ready plugins to work seamlessly with KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE. Waves has an ongoing commitment to provide tools and solutions, enhancing producers, engineers and musicians’ creative process and workflow, regardless of genre."

Mick Olesh, EVP of Sales & Marketing at Waves.
"Output’s Kontakt products are NKS compatible because it creates an amazing user experience for our customers. With macros at your fingertips, you can easily tweak a sound until it becomes your own."

Gregg Lehrman, CEO at Output
"NKS is the most popular standard for controller integration among our users. Furthermore, collaborating with Native Instruments has been a highly enjoyable experience for us."

Urs Heckmann founder of u-he


NKS connects NI controller hardware to hundreds of software instruments and effects from leading plug-in developers.

It wraps around VST, allowing a deeper level of integration that includes unified browsing, presets, and automatic parameter mapping.

There’s no fee to becoming an NKS partner. So upgrade your plug-ins by working with us to make them NKS compatible – and join us in setting industry standards.


Integration – joining the NKS ecosystem means people can browse and find your instruments and effects easily – all NKS instruments are listed alphabetically in the KOMPLETE KONTROL browser.
Tangible control – let people really feel your creations! NKS-ready instruments and effects come to life on compatible hardware, automatically mapped to macro controls.
Added value – NKS-ready products are more attractive to NKS users, and there are a lot of NKS users out there.
Bigger reach – as an NKS partner, you’re part of all our work to promote NKS, and your brand is up there with all the other NKS partners – we support your products on our channels.
Community – become part of a rapidly growing group of instrument and effect manufacturers who are helping people make music more easily.


KONTAKT has become the definitive platform for creating sampled instruments – it’s a mature, stable, and feature-rich engine, and the free player ensures the widest possible market reach for your products. Similarly, REAKTOR has long become the established synthesis platform, with a vibrant user community and an impressive array of instruments and effects.

So if you create instruments or effects based on KONTAKT or REAKTOR, consider licensing your creation for use with the free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER and REAKTOR 6 PLAYER.


Extended reach – with KONTAKT and REAKTOR players, your audience includes anyone making music with a computer, not just KONTAKT and REAKTOR owners.
Licensing and serial numbers service – we take the stress out of licensing, and generating and managing serial numbers.
Copy protection – no need to set up your own copy protection: The inner workings of your device are locked, and you can access NI copy protection services.
Maintenance – anything you build will be compatible with all current operating systems, all major plug-in standards, and any host environment – now and in the future.
Dedicated support – we provide a dedicated support channel for all player licensing partners.

Whether you’re releasing a bedroom-produced FX module or a deluxe orchestral package, we want to hear from you. Simply get in touch to request a Developer Kit, and we can get the conversation started.

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