Discover a unique approach to MASCHINE with TruTorials – a wide-ranging set of 90-second videos designed to boost your productions fast.

Add a new twist to your workflow in record time – watch now.


Generate inspiring melodies using MASCHINE's randomizer.
Create disruptive effects bursts using THE FINGER plug-in.
Build complex drum breaks using the Arpeggiator.
Record your performance take by resampling the master output.
Use MASCHINE as an effect-plugin within your DAW.
Create atmospheric drones by layering instruments.
Reverse multiple samples at once.
Create exciting build-ups using Note Repeat and modulation.
Record pan movements with MASCHINE JAM's touch strips.
Juggle audio loops in Gate Mode in real time.
Create a velocity-reactive filter in the MASCHINE sampler.
Layer samples directly in the MASCHINE sampler.


Create sinister, demonic voices using the MOUTH plugin.
Chop a sample and assign slices to individual pads.
Morph the pitch of whole groups by switching between lock states.
Program shuffling triplets using the step sequencer on MASCHINE JAM.
Create a vinyl stop by using Perform FX and re-sampling.
Link multiple FX modules together to create complex effects bursts.
Record drum patterns into MASCHINE using the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-SERIES keyboard, then replace sounds using the Presets button.
Create wonky beats and rhythmic textures with the Smart Strips on MASCHINE JAM.
Create dynamic, expressive drum patterns using the Smart Strip on MASCHINE MK3.
Layer kits creatively by duplicating groups and their patterns.
Add movement to reverb tails by using sidechain compression to create a ducking effect.
Create bold brass sounds using the Reso Chord plugin on reverb tail.


Add excitement to AUX-effects with Perform FX.
Quickly create regularly-timed drums from scratch using Randomize.
Strum external synths like a guitar in Note mode.
Use snapshots to morph a drum kit.
Arrange a track quickly by creating and consolidating scenes in MASCHINE.
Create a classic acid bassline with MASCHINE JAM.
Randomize sliced loops to create interesting chopped samples.
Control external MIDI instruments with MASCHINE.
Morph snapshots to discover exciting transitions.
Hack your workflow with MASCHINE JAM's Project View and MASCHINE STUDIO.
How to use the Piano Roll for direct note access to external plugins.
Use MASCHINE JAM to control MASCHINE and Ableton Live in parallel.


How to use the Manual Slicing Mode in the MASCHINE 2.4.6 software.
Create multi-layered synth sounds using the Pad Link feature in Keyboard Mode.
Quickly set up parallel compression in MASCHINE.
Create a bubbling melody using an LFO from the sampler in MASCHINE.
Play perfectly in-tune arpeggios using the Smart Play feature in MASCHINE.
Set up pumping delay tails using sidechain compression.
Compose constantly evolving abstract patterns using odd pattern lengths.
Remix tracks on the fly with MASCHINE kits and their included patterns.
Make an external analog drum machine groove by connecting it to MASCHINE.
Apply swing to create LFO-like modulations when using Note Repeat.
Randomize drum sounds with POLYPLEX in MASCHINE.
Play an external analog synth with MASCHINE.


Learn how to modulate effects seamlessly in sync with MASCHINE's Step Sequencer.
Exchange drum kits quickly to provoke "happy" accidents for some breathtaking results.
Learn how to browse and incorporate REAKTOR Blocks into your track – right from MASCHINE.
Make your kick drums boom by using dedicated equalizer settings.
Make MASCHINE squelch by creating a classic acid bassline pattern with the Step Sequencer.
Stack your samples directly from MASCHINE’s Browser.
Exchange individual sounds instantly to create your own custom Drumkits.
Generate expressive shaker patterns with a genuine human feel using a Drum Synth.
Find out how to program a hi-hat pattern with a Drum Synth in perfect sync with TRAKTOR.
Modulate effects using both hands by pinning the AUTO function.
Create abstract drum patterns by turning up the Swing on Master, Group, and Sound simultaneously.
Sample a reverb tail and transform it into a classic swoosh sound.


Find out how to create melodies with a kick drum using MASCHINE's keyboard mode.
Energize drum samples using MASCHINE's built-in Drum Synths.
Watch how to use MASCHINE's internal sidechain functions to create a raw, pumping effect.
Give a hip hop track that laid-back groove by nudging sounds.
Add extra depth to drum sounds with reverb effects directly from the MASCHINE hardware.
Add expression to sounds by recording knob movements using automation.
Learn how to set up a sidechain in MASCHINE for beat-synced filter effects.
Create exciting one-touch chords with MASCHINE's Smart Play features.
Link multiple pads and their sounds together, and play them with a single pad.
For all you DJs – see how you can use MASCHINE loops in TRAKTOR.
Create uplifting basslines on the fly using MASCHINE's Note Repeat feature.
Create playful vocal chops using MASCHINE’s legato mode and creative looping.


Explore the entire MASCHINE family – integrated software/hardware systems for intuitive and creative music production. With a powerful audio engine, a world-class sound library, Drum Synths, and the smoothest production workflow, MASCHINE is the 21st century instrument. Just choose the size that fits your studio: Flagship, classic, or compact.