Accessibility in our products

We’re committed to creating a world where everyone can express themselves through music. The accessibility features in our hardware controllers can be used with all of our synths, samplers, and effects, as well as thousands of other instruments built by partner developers in line with the Native Kontrol Standard. And we’re developing new tools that empower producers to create without barriers.

The NI Accessibility Helper

The NI Accessibility Helper is a new application that runs alongside the MASCHINE software, enabling producers and beatmakers with visual impairments to hear which controls they are using. First introduced for MASCHINE MK3, the NI Accessibility Helper will soon be available for use with more NI hardware devices. Click below for a step-by-step video guide on how to get set up with NI Accessibility Helper.

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Manual Maschine Accessibility for Visually Impaired Users

Using KOMPLETE KONTROL accessibility features

Our KOMPLETE KONTROL A-Series and S-Series keyboards offer a range of accessibility features for visually impaired users. An in-built speech output function allows users to familiarize themselves with all of the controls using Training Mode, as well as browse and customize sounds, use Scale Mode, Chord Mode, and ARP Mode, add effects, and more. Click below to learn how to activate and use KOMPLETE KONTROL's accessibility features in this comprehensive overview video.

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Our partners

We’re indebted to our consultants, Andre Louis, Tim Burgess (Raised Bar), Jason Dasent, and Chris Ankin – musicians from the visually impaired producer community, whose knowledge and expertise have been invaluable in the development of accessibility in our products.