An overview of all the Native Instruments downloads

Manuals: Product manuals can be found:
a) on all product pages. Or search for manuals.
b) after product installation in the program folder on your computer.
Free updates (unprotected) NI Service center, hardware drivers, tools, and other non-protected updates and patches.
Product Updates (protected) Password protected. If you're not registered: Find out how to register...
Demo versions and freeware:
Demo versions Here you will find an overview of all the Native Instruments demo versions.
KORE 2 PLAYER Free software instrument with a production-ready 300 MB sound library, based on KORE 2.
KONTAKT 5 PLAYER Free sample player based on award-winning KONTAKT technology.
REAKTOR 5 PLAYER Free and simple entry point to the award-wining and avant-garde audio world of REAKTOR 5.
KOMPLETE 8 PLAYERS Three powerful playback engines & 1 GB sounds for free: Includes REAKTOR 5 PLAYER, GUITAR RIG 5 PLAYER, KONTAKT 5 PLAYER.
GUITAR RIG 5 PLAYER Free and expandable effects processor with one amp, 17 cabinets and 13 effects & modifiers.
User Libraries:
PRO-53 User Library All registered users of PRO-53 can download and upload PRO-53 sound files.
ABSYNTH User Library ABSYNTH users form all over the world can share their own ABSYNTH preset banks.
REAKTOR User Library An open forum with the latest ensembles, instruments, macros and modules for REAKTOR.
KONTAKT User Library Share scripts, license-free samples and impulse responses as well as instruments and effects.
GUITAR RIG User Library Here you will find a growing number of guitar setups for all kinds of guitar styles.
Marketing and Press kits:
Marketing kits High resolution screenshots, logos, packshots, product information and other sales and marketing related files for resellers.
Press kits On this page you can download the latest press releases, and press information for each product.
Wallpapers Download a selection of eye-catching NI desktop backgrounds, screensavers, and chat icons to decorate your computer and mobile phone.
Open Source Drivers For the Mac OS X 10.5 audio drivers of the Class Compliant Audio Interfaces (e.g. Traktor Audio 6, Traktor Audio 10), Native Instruments uses Open-Sourced Components based on Apple APSL licensed code.