La opinión de los profesionales sobre DAMAGE


"Heavyocity has created another amazing product with Damage, it's scary good."

James Newton Howard ("The Fugitive", "Pretty Woman", "The Sixth Sense", "The Dark Knight", "Salt", "I Am Legend", "Michael Clayton", "King Kong")


"The boys at Heavyocity have come up with another blinder in Damage - top notch sounds and the smart & creative programming tools needed to manipulate them. Job done!"

Harry Gregson-Williams ("Cowboys & Aliens", "Unstoppable", "X-Men Origins: Wolverine")


"Damage is a great musical tool for those looking for ballsy percussive sounds that will add color and vibrance to their tracks. It has great sounds and an intuitive interface."

Brian Tyler ("Fast Five", "Battle: Los Angeles", "Eagle Eye", "Law Abiding Citizen", "Terra Nova" - nominado como Film Composer of the Year por la International Film Music Critics Association).


"Damage does just that. It gives you wonderfully sampled and programmed percussion and lets you do some serious damage with it. Heavyocity has not only produced a superb library. But they have given the composer the creative freedom to make it their own. Nice work guys!"

John Debney ("Iron Man 2", "No Strings Attached", "Dream House", "Predators", "The Passion of The Christ")


"Damage is amazing. It manages to push the high standards of the previous creations of the Heavyocity team. Damage has the trademark of the industry, but in a wider and more poignant scope. Great cinematic stuff, energetic, refreshing, and inventive. Thanks!"

Javier Navarrete ("Pan's Labyrinth", "The Warrior's Way", "Inkheart" - Compositor nominado a los Oscars)


"Heavyocity has raised the bar with Damage; the sounds, controls, and the programming of Damage are truly inspirational."

Ramin Djawadi ("Iron Man", "Clash of the Titans", "Game of Thrones", "Prison Break", "Fright Night")


“Damage is everything a composer wishes for in a virtual instrument - outstanding sounds combined with instant gratification and ultimate customization. Heavyocity has an incredibly high bar for quality and you can hear it in every preset. Plus, the ability to tweak and mangle to my heart's content is invaluable! Damage just became my go-to source for cutting edge rhythmic sounds."

Jason Graves ("Dead Space", "F.E.A.R.", "Command and Conquer")


"The creative possibilities of this library really feels endless. The sound sources are well represented by both organic and processed elements. You will have certain expectations with a product called DAMAGE, and Heavyocity's new offering will shatter all of them."

David Buckley ("The Town", "The Good Wife", "The Forbidden Kingdom")


"I like having a huge pallet of sounds to draw from, and Damage has extended mine further. It's not just a preset factory though, there's so many ways to mold or mangle the sounds into a shape that works. It might look like a big nasty noise machine, but it can be used to provide some subtle contrasts in an otherwise pretty setting too."

Damian Taylor (mezclador/ingeniero/programador/y más de Björk en su álbum "Biophilia")


"When we loaded up Damage, the sound quality of the samples took our breath away. It sounds absolutely awesome - huge!"

John Digweed & Nick Muir (Bedrock Records)


"I've always been a beats man and this percussion hits big and hard. The effects side of it, specifically the distortion is very special - it's the cinematic width and sound that makes it very different to anything else out there."

Liam H (The Prodigy)
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"We were hoping that no one would find out about the new Damage pack from NI but the secret's out. Pure sickness from the best in the biz."

Chase & Status (Nominados a los BRIT Awards 2012)
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"Within seconds of installing DAMAGE it became an essential part of my studio. It's unique tempo-synced loops and dynamic multi-sampled percussive instruments immediately inspired creation. DAMAGE feels neither old or new- it feels just right, like it has always belonged in my studio toolkit."

Joe Trapanese ("The Raid", colaboraciones con Daft Punk para "Tron: Legacy", M83, ...)
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"For intense and aggressive percussive elements, DAMAGE is the perfect driving force to my musical compositions. I'm especially fond of the interface's intuitive yet robust and unlimited programmability. I've been a longtime Heavyocity user, and I'm awestruck at their ability to producte new groundbreaking sample libraries that never disappoint."

Jorge Corante (escritorr/productor de "The Town", "CSI: Miami", "Ninja Assassin", "Scary Movie 3")
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"I first used DAMAGE while composing the score for a major TV series. It helped me to develop fresh ideas in a quick, creative and intuitive way. Those inspiring textures pushed me into new territories and gave me the edge I was looking for. DAMAGE is very useful where epic, ballsy, energetic and organic sounds are required."

Claude Samard-Polikar (MD de Jean-Michel Jarre, productor del vídeo juego "Rayman Arena", Premios "Best Music" Awards por la música de cine en "Bo Ba Bu" y "Christopher Roth")
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"Damage has become an integral part of my palette and it blends seamlessly regardless of the genre of music I'm working on. I was amazed at how versatile this library truly is! Not only in regards to sounds but also how you can manipulate and tweak them with their built in effects and EQ's and filters."

Pieter A. Schlosser ("Gears Of War 2+3", "Desperate Housewives", "The Lying
Game", "The Sims 3")
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