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Session Percussionist

Une banque de batterie et de percussions intuitive contenant plus de 2 000 patterns personnalisables et un step-séquenceur avancé.
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The CINEMATIC DRUMS collection from Native Instruments bundles together every kind of percussion you can imagine, allowing you to create mind-blowing scores, atmospheres, soundtracks, orchestral music, and electronic masterpieces. Underpinned by our award-winning BATTERY 4 drum sampler and KONTAKT sampler, you’ll find a world of inspiration within our studio-quality cinematic percussion packs and standalone instruments.


Access a world of cinematic drum samples and loops, ideal for creating vivid soundscapes and epic motion picture scores with Native Instruments’ BATTERY and KONTAKT kits. And with KONTAKT and BATTERY’s editing and reshaping tools, you can reshape your cinematic studio percussion to create exciting sonic landscapes in any musical genre.

The BATTERY 4 library already includes a vast array of cinematic percussion samples ready to use in any creation, with powerful editing and customization tools giving you the chance to tailor your scores and soundtracks to any application. And our BATTERY expansion packs give you the chance to grow your sound library with even more cinematic percussion loops and hits.

Additionally, the SYMPHONY SERIES — PERCUSSION delivers 55 percussion instruments that are made for scoring anything visual or used simply as part of your music creation toolkit. Offering 29 GB of sounds with 66 NKIs, including 7 kits for BATTERY, as well as EQ, reverb, compression, and filter effects, this is one of the best cinematic percussion libraries currently available in the market.

When looking for a more compact cinematic percussion library, SYMPHONY ESSENTIALS — PERCUSSION offers 18 of the most important percussion instruments within 4 GB. Featuring 21 NKIs, including 1 kit for BATTERY, plus the same EQ, reverb, compression, and filter effects, there’s plenty of scope for epic creations with this slimmed-down cinematic drums sample pack.

Together, these packs form a part of our wider orchestral portfolio, giving you the tools you need to create magnificent symphonies from the comfort of home (or the stage!). The SYMPHONY COLLECTION features everything you need to support your cinematic drums sample packs with brass, strings, woodwind, and of course, percussion. Intuitive and unique, our professional-grade libraries were played and recorded by some of the world’s finest musicians and audio engineers.

Building on Native Instruments’ cinematic drum loops, samples, and kits are our streamlined instruments made for tight arrangement sessions. ACTION STRIKES delivers 12 ensembles, 65 instruments, and 12 hit sets that can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into your library. Add huge cinematic percussion to your tracks with 3.3 GB of sounds that can be controlled intuitively within KONTAKT for edge-of-your-seat impact.

Alternatively, HEAVYOCITY DAMAGE was designed to create the darkest and most thrilling arrangements imaginable. The cinematic percussion library with 700+ loops, 500+ one-shots, and 58 kits across 26,500 samples combines unique orchestral percussion, incredible sampled sounds, and edgy electronics for the ultimate in big-screen tension and suspense.

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