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Welcome to CHOIR OMNIA


Welcome to the CHOIR OMNIA online manual. Read this user guide and learn how to use CHOIR OMNIA in KONTAKT to create custom choir performances.

CHOIR OMNIA is hugely dynamic, intuitive to play, and sonically versatile. OMNIA captures the sound of 40 singers in exquisite detail, split across four traditional sections. Perform individual syllables or build intricate, performative phrases with the Syllabuilder.

OMNIA was created in collaboration with Strezov Sampling and recorded over six week at the Sofia Session Studio. Founded in 2012 by a group of full-time composers, Strezov Sampling create realistic instruments with unique, locally-recorded samples. The hand-picked selection of experienced singers performed specially composed music to maintain the authentic singing style of requiems and masses. Samples were meticulously edited into individual syllables and transitions, delicately snipped from hundreds of hours of recordings to create this expressive and deeply customizable instrument.

We hope you enjoy using OMNIA!


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