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世界上最受欢迎的音乐制作套装,内含 87 款乐器与效果器,39 款 Expansions 扩展,以及超过 40,000 个声音素材。
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The world’s leading production suite with near limitless possibilities – access our full range of production and music creation tools in the KOMPLETE sound and instrument collection. From entry-level instrument packs to industry standard sound libraries and innovative synth collections, the KOMPLETE catalog has it all.


KOMPLETE 14 is our flagship collection of instruments, samples, effects, and preset packs, combining everything you need to craft and curate cutting edge sounds in any genre. Available at a range of price points to suit your unique studio setup, from the fully-loaded KOMPLETE ULTIMATE to the stripped back essentials of KOMPLETE SELECT. Native Instruments KOMPLETE instrument library and production suite includes our latest VSTs, such as MASSIVE, MONARK, REAKTOR, and KONTAKT,  available as full versions or as free players.

For producers, DJs, and musicians looking to build a creative setup on a budget, Native Instruments offers KOMPLETE START for free. With more than 2,000 studio-quality sounds, 16 pro-grade synths and sampled instruments, plus samples, loops, and effects, this free production suite, sound library, and instrument pack has everything you need to get started building tracks and making music.

Looking to sample before you buy? Then check out the KOMPLETE NOW collection, which delivers the hottest synths, samplers, and effects in a monthly subscription plan. Including BATTERY: NOW EDITION, MASSIVE X, and a constantly evolving flow of new instruments and plugins to keep you inspired, KOMPLETE NOW is a brand-new way to get your hands on some of our most sought-after production tools for a fraction of the price. 



An entire universe of sound is available within the KOMPLETE instrument library, either as a part of your chosen KOMPLETE pack or as standalone instruments and effects. From the cutting-edge GUITAR RIG PRO 6 to the creative beat hub of BATTERY 4, you’ll find standalone instruments and effects for every workflow – whether you’re sculpting live performances or studio sessions.

Free versions of many of these instruments and effects are also available to download, like GUITAR RIG 6 PLAYER and REAKTOR 6 PLAYER, among many others. So you can pick-and-choose from our instrument library to find the creative tools you need in your studio or when performing live. 



Whether firing up KONTAKT PLAYER, a full version of KONTAKT, or expanding your favorite NI instruments like BATTERY or REAKTOR with new preset packs, the KOMPLETE COLLECTION allows you to explore the infinite sonic universe with the innovative and essential instruments and samples.

From cutting-edge producer packs curated by the likes of DJ KHALIL and BUTCH VIG, to a celebration of all things vintage with SUPER 8 and LO-FI GLOW, our genre-defining expansion packs for MASSIVE X and BATTERY expand on your KOMPLETE sound libraries to cover every conceivable sonic base.

Free pattern libraries with samples, loops, kits, and synth presets are also available for a range of NI instruments and players, including our BLOCKS BASE modular synth set up for REAKTOR PLAYER. 



For the ultimate control of your instrument library and preset packs, the KOMPLETE KONTROL series puts music making back into your hands. Featuring a range of smart keyboard controllers that offer 25 to 88 keys, creating unique sounds and tracks has never been more intuitive. Seamless integration with all your virtual instruments makes set up a breeze, while high-res color screens and Light Guide deliver at-a-glance visual feedback of your instruments, allowing you to preview sounds, tweak controls, and mix and edit your projects from the comfort of your controller.

Available in standard black or limited-edition colorways like Vapor Gray and Ultraviolet, KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards are the perfect companion in the studio and on the road.

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