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By connecting Blocks the patch comes to life. Each Block provides ports for various types of connections. While a Rack allows connections between all outputs and inputs for experimentation, patching a subtractive synthesizer requires a specific signal flow.

Setting up the Signal Flow

You can connect Blocks by clicking on an output and drag a wire to an input. Inputs are located on the left side of a Block, while outputs are located on the right side.

The following connections are required for the basic audio signal flow of the subtractive synthesizer:

  • Connect the OUT of Bento Box OSC to the IN of Bento Box SVF.
  • Connect the OUT of Bento Box SVF to the IN of Bento Box VCA.
  • Connect the OUT of Bento Box VCA to both REAKTOR outputs on the OUT Block by using two wires.

Setting up Pitch Control

To control the pitch of the subtractive synthesizer from your MIDI keyboard or sequencer, connect the PITCH output of Util Note In to the PITCH input of Bento Box OSC.

Coloring the Wires

In order to differentiate the various connections in the Rack, you can assign different colors to the wires. Right-click a wire to assign a color.
You can also press and hold the Shift key on your computer keyboard and click multiple wires to select them. Then right-click to assign the same color to all selected wires.

Note: The color you choose will be applied to new wires afterwards.

Listening to the Synthesizer

You can now tweak controls and listen to the synthesizer to try it out. To adjust a control, click it and drag up and down.

  • Turn up LEVEL on Bento Box VCA to hear your basic sound.
  • Set the Wave control on Bento Box OSC to a sawtooth or square wave to get a rich tone color.
  • Tweak CUTOFF on Bento Box SVF to control the tone color.
You can already use the computer keyboard to play MIDI notes and change the pitch of the sound. If you have a MIDI keyboard, learn how to set it up in REAKTOR here.

Note: After trying out the synthesizer, turn down CUTOFF on Bento Box SVF and LEVEL on Bento Box VCA.

If there is no sound coming from REAKTOR, check your audio settings as explained in this video.