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After working through this guide, you are familiar with the workflows involved in building a synthesizer using REAKTOR Blocks in the Rack format. However, REAKTOR Blocks offer much more than we could cover here, so we recommend you dive in and explore it by yourself. If you need inspiration or more information on specific features and functions, check out the resources below, including the comprehensive Reaktor Blocks Manual.

Tutorial Racks

The free Blocks Base product comes with a number of Tutorial Racks that show specific synthesizer techniques in a focused and clear way.

Open the REAKTOR Browser by clicking on the magnifier icon in the header. Then click the Library tab and go to the following folder: Blocks Base > Racks > Tutorial. From there, you can load any of the Tutorial Racks by dragging them into the Panel area.

Info Hints

You can view tooltips about Blocks and all of their controls using REAKTOR’s Info Hints. Enable Info Hints by clicking on the information symbol in the header. When Info Hints are enabled, you can:
  • Hover over the header of a Block to view general information.
  • Hover over a control to view detail information.
The REAKTOR Blocks Manual provides comprehensive information about Blocks and shows you how to use Racks in more detail. Download it here.
KOMPLETE START is a collection of free instruments, effects, loops, and samples. Find more information and the free download on the here. The Quick Start Guide shows you how to explore sounds and load instruments from KOMPLETE START.
Explore the vast possibilities of REAKTOR Blocks by watching tutorial videos from our partners ADSR and Sonic Academy.