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Your patch is now complete and you can play the subtractive synthesizer! Play notes from a MIDI keyboard or sequencer and listen to the result. Below you will learn how to adjust the controls to create a sound you like.

Adjusting the Filter

Try turning up the RESONANCE on Bento Box SVF. Then adjust the CUTOFF and its modulation amount.

Adjusting the Envelope

You can also adjust the controls for the ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN, and RELEASE on Bento Box ADSR to make the sound smooth and sustained, or plucked and percussive. The CUTOFF and its modulation amount on Bento Box SVF go hand in hand with the envelope adjustments.
For a smooth, sustained sound set the Bento Box SVF and the Bento Box ADSR in the following way.
For a plucked, percussive sound you can make the following adjustments.