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When it comes to writing, arranging, or producing music, piano VSTs (which stands for virtual studio technology) are one of the best tools to have on hand. Native Instruments offers an extensive portfolio of realistic piano VSTs, developed together with some of the top composers and piano makers in the world.

Our selection of piano VST plugins include acoustic grand and upright pianos, as well as a range of electric pianos and keyboards that offer you a diverse collection of piano VSTs for your musical project. Each of our sampled instruments provide highly customizable sounds and are designed for optimal control. From traditional and authentic instrumental sounds to eclectic and unique modern instruments, our extensive library of piano VST plugins provides the perfect assortment of instruments for every musical genre.

Additionally, our KOMPLETE START production suite offers a selection of our best free piano VSTs, along with more than 2000 other sounds. All of our piano VST plugins integrate seamlessly with our KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards.


Native Instruments offers two different categories of piano VST plugins – acoustic and electric. Within each piano VST category are various instrument sounds, such as the grand piano, organ, and electric keyboard. With seventeen different piano VST plugin packages to choose from, our portfolio offers the perfect selection to meet your needs. So, whether you’re looking to play classical music or modern pop, finding the best piano VST is easy with our carefully curated piano VST plugin packages.

For example, our PIANO COLORS package blends innovative playing techniques with complex and intricate grand piano articulations that are ideal for creative productions and avant-garde performances. With a blend of keyboards, synthesizers, and more, HYBRID KEYS allows for easy customization and highly adjustable controls for blending sounds and textures. This plugin is also included in the full version of our KONTAKT 6 sampler bundle.



Our collection of acoustic piano VST plugins encompasses a wide variety of genres and sounds while also including the signature sounds of noted pianists and composers. For example, NOIRE offers the unique and legendary sounds of Nils Frahm’s grand piano. It was recorded at the Saal 3 at the Funkhaus Berlin with his own amps and microphones for an incomparably authentic sound. ALICIA’S KEYS is a VST piano plugin that features the signature sound of Alicia Keys piano and samples of her own playing.

When it comes to grand piano VST plugins, our selection also includes THE GRANDEUR, a magnificent concert grand piano with over 2,500 different samples and 18 velocity zones to choose from. Crafted to provide a rich and balanced tone, this instrument is ideal for a range of sounds from classical to pop and jazz. It also includes THE MAVERICK: Sampled from a vintage grand piano built in 1905, it has an unconventional sound and offers excellent control that can be fine-tuned with built-in effects.

If you’re looking for the contemporary sounds of one of the biggest upright pianos in the world, then look no further. THE GIANT piano VST plugin offers versatility with over 40 presets sampled from the Klavins Piano Model 370i. With a diverse range of sounds from rich low tones to crystal clear highs, this plugin is the ideal choice for any production. Based on the vintage sounds of an upright piano from 1908, THE GENTLEMAN is designed to give you total control. This plugin allows the pedals, damper, string, and hammer sound levels to be easily controlled directly through the interface. The 2,300 individual samples are expertly balanced and offer delicate and expressive sounds to any recording. UNA CORDA is sampled from a one-of-a-kind, custom designed upright piano created by David Klavins and composer Nils Frahm. The unique sounds of this instrument are captured in three different sound banks that include the original pure sound of the piano hammer on a single string, then with felt to create a more muffled and smooth sound, and finally cotton, which offers a louder percussive sound.

Our DEFINITIVE PIANO COLLECTION bundles together THE GRANDEUR and THE MAVERICK with THE GENTLEMAN to provide the ideal portfolio of piano plugins in one easily-downloaded package.


When it comes to electric piano VSTs with a vintage sound, the SCARBEE A-200 offers the classic sounds of rock and pop music from the 1960s and 1970s and includes over 2000 samples and 16 different velocities. The SCARBEE MARK I is another iconic electric piano that gives that 1970s sound which perfectly complements jazz, funk, fusion, and R&B music, as well as offering excellent versatility for a range of other genres and sounds. The SCARBEE CLAVINET/PIANET includes two different instruments in one package. With its twangy sound and distinctive electrophonic keyboard, The SCARBEE CLAVINET is precisely sampled from the Hohner Clavinet, while the Pianet is sampled from the Hohner Model N Pianet. Together, this unique plugin offers almost 8 GB of samples from these electromechanical instruments. These four vintage electric pianos are also available in a single bundle with our SCARBEE VINTAGE KEYS plugin so you can have a full library of some of the best electric piano VST sounds in one convenient package.

With over 500 phrases recorded by Soul legend George Duke, our GEORGE DUKE SOUL TREASURES piano VST plugin includes acoustic, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and Clavinet piano phrases that can be easily edited and rearranged into countless unique variations. Our VINTAGE ORGANS plugin will add an authentic charm to any recording and includes the sounds of five classic organs: the HAMMOND® B-3, HAMMOND® C-3, HAMMOND® M-3, VOX Continental™ II, and FARFISA® Compact. All of these organs have been expertly sampled to showcase their unique tonal differences and sounds. Lastly, our RETRO MACHINES MK2 plugin includes a collection of 16 different analog synthesizers and keyboards with an interface that offers instant and completely customizable control, which makes it ideal for music producers and composers searching for authentic vintage sounds.



Explore our extensive collection of acoustic and electric VST pianos.

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