Studio Tools

GUITAR RIG 5 PLAYER offers a range of studio tools, for advanced effects processing. Get creative with parallel effects chains and synth-style modifiers:


LFO: The term LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) refers to a periodic waveform at a subsonic rate. As a Modifier, this is useful to create constantly changing parameter values. Create tremolo effects, synced rhythmic filter sweeps or swelling distortion.

Envelope: The envelope generates a very flexible control signal, whose shape you can edit accurately using a graphical editor.

Step Sequencer: The Step Sequencer generates up to 16 sequential control signals, which can have rhythmic values of quarter notes to 1/32nd notes.

Analog Sequencer: The Analog Sequencer works much like the Step Sequencer, as it generates 16 sequential control signals, which can have rhythmic values of quarter notes to 1/32nd notes. But with the Analog Sequencer, you can change the value of each control signal to create a complex rhythmic control signal.

Input Level Modifier: The Input Level Modifier generates a control signal based on the input level of the rack.


Split: This component splits the signal into two parallel paths, which is especially useful for stereo effects and to mix the sound of two independent effect chains.

Crossover Mix: This component allows for parallel effects similar to the Split, but uses a variable threshold frequency to separate the higher from the lower parts of the signal.

Container: This is a utility for creating custom multi-effects. Assemble your processing chain, then assign the eight macro-knobs to the key controls on any of the effects in the chain. You can even assign a knob to several controls at once.


Sidechaining: Several effects have been given a sidechain input. This essential enhancement provides much more than the characteristic ducking/pumping sound, allowing a wide range of creative techniques. See the comparison chart for a full list of effects with sidechain input.