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This section guides you through sampling the connected equipment in MASCHINE.

Adjusting the Input Level

First, turn the INPUT/HOST knob to the left (INPUT). This way you can listen to your voice, instrument, or synthesizer using headphones.
Then use the GAIN knob next to IN 1 to adjust the input level for your recording. Check the metering on the top of the KOMPLETE AUDIO 2: The blue LEDs should light up solidly. Avoid levels reaching the red LEDs as your recording might become distorted!

Getting Ready

Open a new Project. Then open the Sample Editor.
In the Sample Editor, select Ext. Mono as SOURCE.
Finally, select FREE as the LENGTH of your recording. This way you can sample for as long as you wish.


You are ready to sample!
Click on Start in the Sample Editor. To start sampling, click on the Play button in the header.
To stop sampling, click on Stop in the Sample Editor. Your sample is shown as a waveform in the Sample Editor.
To play your sample, close the Sample Editor. Draw a note into the Pattern Editor by double-clicking in the grid. Click and drag the right edge of the note to extend the note. Use the row next to the Sound you added your sample to.
Note: When using headphones, turn the INPUT/HOST knob to the right to blend in the audio from the computer.