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Paul Haslinger

(Fear the Walking Dead, The Sleeper Cell, Underworld)

Symphony Series - Brass has all the key qualities I look for in an orchestral sample library: it is well recorded, well organized and it presents an interface that makes it adaptable for a wide spectrum of applications, from fast sketch writing to in-depth orchestration. A very nice job, indeed, and a promising start for the Symphony Series.

Simon Russell

(Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer, Afghan Star, Canimals)

I own quite a few Brass libraries but Symphony Series - Brass is my “go to” library. It is very simple and straightforward to use, but most importantly, sounds incredibly real. The keyswitching and dynamics control mean you can compose very subtle, intricate, realtime performances that are incredibly lifelike without having to load multiple patches. I invariably work to tight deadlines and it gives me amazing brass sounds right out of the box.

Steve London

(Born to Be Blue, Bank$tas, Ripping Friends)

I think Native Instruments' Brass Ensemble is a great addition to my orchestral template.  It has some great new sounds and effects and it can be a real time-saver for film composers as its keyswitched instruments are quickly configurable to any workflow.

Gerard Marino

(God of War 1 & 2, Gun, Spider-Man: Edge of Time)

Native Instruments' new brass library is impeccably recorded and will fit nicely into the pantheon of orchestral samples we use to produce modern screen music.

Sean Beeson

(Lumin, Cats In Space)

Symphony Series - Brass is a powerful set of deeply-recorded samples. The articulations and mic positions provide the flexibility for me to form and shape the sound any way I desire to fit any kind of score.

Antongiulio Frulio

(Anna Karenina, She and I, Nine)

The Symphony Series - Brass series is a step ahead in terms of detail and sound control and really breathes life into any of my mockups.

Deane Ogden

(Eastern Chronicle, Kwela)

Symphony Series - Brass is a breath of fresh air in a field crowded with products that just don't quite get you there. The solo staccatos alone were enough to prompt me to switch, but the library is recorded so well that I soon fell in love with certain patches that then became go-to ammunition for particular sonic tasks.

Cory Pelizarri

(Candy Box 2 official soundtrack)

What I love about the library is its flexibility and range of uses. It melts into whatever track you put it in, the sound is rich and real, and the articulations provided allow puzzling together of nuanced and lifelike performances. It can sound massive or intimate at your beckoning.

Ian Dorsch

(Stage of Development, Xbox Fitness)

Symphony Series - Brass is one of the smartest, best-sounding orchestral libraries in recent memory. It has a big, thrilling, immediately usable sound right out of the box, but multiple mic positions and deep tweakability mean that it can be successfully put to work in just about any kind of material.

Danny Cocke

(SERA, The Devil's in the Details, Evolve)

Symphony Series - Brass sounds amazing. It’s incredibly easy to quickly get any articulation I need. The tone is beautiful, warm, super clean, and the interface is the perfect combination of beautiful looking and easy to use.

Mathieu Hallouin

(Daredevil, Dirty Bomb, Shadow Realms)

Symphony Series - Brass is certainly one of the greatest brass sample libraries on the market. It combines lots of helpful articulations and the sound quality is truly stunning for orchestral composition. A must have!

Arkadiusz Reikowski

Layers Of Fear, Two Worlds 2, NecroVisioN)

Hands down, it's the most flexible and natural brass library out there. I am amazed with how intuitive and elegantly designed the interface is and how easy is to control it. The sound is top notch and feels alive to me. Instant addition.
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