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Welcome to the REAKTOR Blocks Quick Start Guide.

You will learn how to build a synthesizer using REAKTOR Blocks in the Rack format. By arranging and connecting the basic building blocks of a modular synthesizer you can create your own instruments.
If you have some experience already, feel free to jump straight into any section using the navigation above. For beginners, we recommend spending some time reading through the whole guide.

First take a look at the features to get an overview:

Setup Checklist

Before you begin, make sure everything is set up and ready to go.
Download and install Native Access from this page.
Using Native Access, download and install REAKTOR and BLOCKS BASE on your computer.
Open REAKTOR. For this guide, please use the stand-alone application, not the plug-in.

Opening a new Rack

Click the middle column in the start screen (Patch.) to open a new Rack for your patch.
Alternatively, you can click the drop-down menu next to the REAKTOR logo, go to the File menu, and select New Rack.