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The Everything Bundle contains every iZotope flagship product – the complete solution for any type of audio work.
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Effects add character and depth to any audio project, giving musicians and producers the tools to create tracks that match their vision. Native Instruments offers a wide range of plugins and bundle packs for unparalleled freedom when sculpting your audio – from dirty distortion and cavernous reverb to the latest guitar amp simulators, our extensive EFFECTS catalog brings character and dynamics to your productions.


Native Instruments offers a whole range of standalone plugins, as well as bundle packages for those looking to build out their virtual effects rack collection.


Bring out your destructive side with our CRUSH PACK, which bundles three unique plugins to smash your signals into creative and dynamic sounds. The BITE bit-crusher brings back the feel of early samplers with a perfectly imperfect lo-fi sound, while DIRT, an elegant tool for inelegant sounds, disrupts and distorts your signal to stunning sonic effect. Finally, FREAK bends sounds with three modulation modes – vintage lo-fi radio, sidechain, and classic oscillation – for a universe of sci-fi noise and inharmonic content.


MOD PACK is an EFFECTS bundle that offers a fresh take on classic modulation, with chorus, flanger, and phaser effects providing new features for a whole world of possibilities.

CHORAL, offers all the standard features of a classic chorus and adds new reverb-like capabilities to add movement, shimmer, and sheen to any signal. FLAIR offers lush tape and pedal-style flanging alongside an all-new Voices mode for harmonic layering. And PHASIS offers sounds drawn from classic rack-mounted and pedal-housed phasers, but adds its own twist with controls that adjust the spacing of peaks and notches, and the all-new ULTRA mode for extraordinary FM-style effects.


Adding dynamics and filters helps to bring warmth and character to your productions, and the Native Instruments EFFECTS catalog includes a wide range of Dynamics and Equalizer (EQ) plugins to simplify your music production workflow.

The deceptively simple TRANSIENT MASTER gives you all the control you need to shape your sound and bring it to the front of the mix. Its three simple knobs enhance attack on drums and percussion, and can often bring a track back from the edge if it’s been overworked – almost like magic in the dark arts of mixing.

Our SOLID MIX SERIES is a virtual effects rack suite that includes compressor, EQ and dynamics processors in one easy to use plugin. By combining these three effects in one software package, you can easily produce high quality studio sound anywhere.

Tube compression is another way to control and shape sound elements when mixing. Native Instruments’ SUPERCHARGER GT and free SUPERCHARGER plugins are designed to offer more than just tube compression. With a variety of modes to add rich character and harmonically-enhanced results, you can easily smooth and sculpt your production into a thing of sonic beauty.


If you’re dipping your toes into the world of amp simulators, Native Instruments’ entirely free GUITAR RIG 7 PLAYER is the place to start. This free guitar amp modeling software allows you to process and record guitar signals with the bundled FACTORY SELECTION. This includes a simulated tube amp and cabinet with 13 essential effects like reverb, delay, distortion, modulation, and more.

Ready for even more control over your guitar’s sound? Look no further than GUITAR RIG 7 PRO. One of the best guitar amp modeling plugins available, it features a dynamic range of new amps, effects, and state-of-the-art technology, all wrapped in a completely rebuilt interface for a fresh feel and more intuitive user experience.

Our guitar multi-effect rack and amp simulator allows you to experiment, adapt and manipulate your sound on the fly for greater creative freedom. Combining cutting-edge machine learning technology with vintage amp sounds alongside 68 essential effects and sound-sculpting tools, GUITAR RIG 7 PRO has everything you need to create the sounds you hear in your head.

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