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Welcome to Action Strings 2


Welcome to the Action Strings 2 online manual. Read this user guide and learn how to compose stunning string parts for cinematic soundtracks.

Action Strings 2 delivers the sound of a full string orchestra, blending realism with creative control for cinematic soundtracks. It enables you to compose stunning string parts with a range of articulations captured from multiple mic positions.

The instrument combines the tension of violin and viola with the deep tones of cello and bass. Two separately configurable ensembles, Low and High, give you anything from emotive melodies to impactful crescendos. New bow-attack compensation technology delivers a realistic playing experience, while the dynamics envelope control produces bold gestures, from subtle diminuendos all the way to towering crescendos.

Action Strings 2 is fully integrated with the Komplete Kontrol keyboard. Toggle quickly and easily between phrases with the Light Guide, or create scores on the fly in Freeplay Mode, all with EQ, reverb, and tempo parameters automatically mapped to the controls.

This document provides you with information about the library as well as instructions and advice for achieving the best possible results.

We hope that you will enjoy using Action Strings 2!


Action Strings 2

About Action Strings 2

Action Strings 2 is the successor of the famous Action Strings, a cinematic string library designed for ease of use in musical productions. Action Strings 2 comes with 125 live recorded expressive modules and 11 single articulations, such as staccato, staccatissimo, sustain, tremolo, marcato, and trills. With these elements, you can create your own musical phrases or play independently, providing you both the breathtaking realism of a real performance as well as unlimited musical freedom.

Action Strings 2 already contains 900+ diverse phrases for you to get inspired, as well as 200+ Themes for both high and low string ensembles. Overall we recorded over 73,000 samples with a 41 piece string ensemble, brought together in four microphone positions to provide you the ultimate scoring tool. For a good starting point, we have already set up a premix of the microphone positions. The world of Action Strings 2 is now at your fingertips.

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