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Welcome to Jacob Collier Audience Choir


Welcome to the Jacob Collier Audience Choir online user manual. Find out how to navigate the interface and learn how to use all features in detail.

Musician, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Collier is renowned for his genre-defying productions, electrifying live shows, and innovative approach to harmony. Throughout his Djesse world tour, he captivated audiences by transforming them into harmonious choirs. Now these voices are yours to conduct with this one-of-a-kind choir plugin.

Get your ideas rolling with carefully-designed presets, or dial in a sound you love and store it as a user preset. Seamlessly blend different vowel types using the Vowel Morph Pad and record custom motions in real time for evolving performances. Go deeper with dynamic tuning controls to shape your sound down to the finest detail.

Explore choir samples captured at some of the world’s most iconic venues. Smart features help you dive deep into harmony, whatever your level of music theory knowledge. Simply use the chord generator function for instant harmony and effortlessly switch up tonalities with the Triad Blend.

Add percussion to your tracks with stomps, claps, and snaps recorded from the audiences, as well as beautiful harmonies conducted by Jacob at each venue. Feeling lucky? Strike a special chord or motif, and you might unlock a hidden surprise from Jacob himself.

This document shows you how to install and setup Jacob Collier Audience Choir, and describes all features in detail, starting with the basic overview.

Thank you for choosing Jacob Collier Audience Choir. We hope you enjoy it!