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Additional Resources

Whether you are starting out with KSP or a seasoned veteran, find a variety of resources, from KSP scripts to tutorials and beyond, below.


The websites linked below are owned and operated by third parties. The links are provided for your information and convenience only. Native Instruments has no control over the contents of any of the linked websites and is not responsible for these websites or their content or availability.

  • SublimeKSP: A Sublime Text plugin for working with and compiling KSP code, including many added features.

  • Koala: A library of additional KSP functions to be used in conjunction with SublimeKSP.

  • Resources for Kontakt Builders: An experimental repository with a large variety of script examples for KSP and Lua (Creator Tools). It also includes links to additional resources for the larger Kontakt environment, from GUI tools to sample manipulation.

  • Discord: Become a member in the Kontakt developer Discord and connect with fellow KSP developers.

  • NI Scripting Forum: Become a part of the discussion on the new NI community forum.

  • VS Code extension: KSP language support for Visual Studio Code.