Welcome to SEQUIS


Welcome to SEQUIS online manual. Read this user guide and learn how to use SEQUIS in KONTAKT to sequence and play organic samples.

SEQUIS is an instrument driven by up to four layers of acoustic instruments and a sequenced pattern. Blending the layers and interacting with segments of the sequence provides a playful experience that quickly produces professional-sounding results.

It combines a deep library of meticulously recorded samples with an intuitive sequencing engine, uniting rhythm and melody to infuse your productions with a richly organic, pulsing momentum. So whether you're scoring otherworldly sci-fi films or crafting deep, dark, dancefloor moments, SEQUIS gives you total freedom to explore new sonic pastures.

An artfully compiled ensemble of acoustic samples includes guitars, classical strings, flutes, percussion, and even human voices. The instruments were all recorded using a variety of imaginative playing styles to create an inspiring medley of articulations, trills, ghost notes, flutters, ricochets, and echoes that are woven together with the in-built step sequencer to form new musical constellations.

Thank you for purchasing SEQUIS. We hope you enjoy this instrument as much as we do, and we're looking forward to hearing your creations.


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