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Thank you for choosing SESSION STRINGS 2.

SESSION STRINGS 2 is a huge advancement on the original SESSION STRINGS, updated with a more versatile sound, new features, and an improved interface.

With SESSION STRINGS 2 you have command of a top-notch string ensemble that offers a diverse number of playing styles, sound varieties, and outstanding sound quality.

We hope you enjoy using SESSION STRINGS 2 and we would be delighted to hear your feedback and ideas! You can find e-instruments on the web under


  • The SESSION STRINGS 2 sounds were recorded with utmost precision and are designed for maximum flexibility.

  • SESSION STRINGS 2 features sound settings for a variety of different genres. Its intuitive approach lets you quickly produce excellent phrases and arrangements, even if you don’t have prior detailed knowledge of strings arrangement.

  • SESSION STRINGS 2’s unique Smart Voice Split allocates each note of a chord to the corresponding instrument group.

  • The Rhythm Animator turns chords or single notes into rhythmic patterns while maintaining real-time performance capabilities.

  • A Smart Chord mode lets you play authentic string chords and voicings with just one or two fingers.

  • A variety of creative master effect presets provides a scope of inspiring sound images.

Installing Session Strings 2 using Native Access

Native Access is where you will install the software for Session Strings 2. If you are new to Native Instruments, you will first have to create your Native ID. To learn more about Native Access, visit our support page.

  1. Download and install Native Access here.

  2. Create a Native ID if you do not yet have one.

  3. Login to Native Access using your Native ID.

  4. Click the Available tab.

  5. Click Install for the following products:

    • Session Strings 2

    • Kontakt or Kontakt Player

    The software is installed automatically.


If the software is already installed, click the Updates tab and install available updates before proceeding.

Loading Session Strings 2 in Kontakt

Once installed, you can start using Session Strings 2 in Kontakt. Session Strings 2 is not an independent plug-in, so you first need to open an instance of Kontakt or Kontakt Player:

  1. Open Kontakt as a plug-in in your host software (DAW) or as a stand-alone application.

  2. Locate Session Strings 2 in the Browser, on the left side of the user interface.

  3. Click Instruments to open the product's content.

  4. Double-click the Session Strings 2.nki file to load the instrument.


If you are new to Kontakt and want more information, visit Kontakt Player and Kontakt.