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Kit Selection


Learn about the different kits included in STUDIO DRUMMER.

There are three main kits included in STUDIO DRUMMER, called the “Full” kits. Each of the kits has two additional versions, “Lite” and “Template”. All of these kits are explained below.

Full Kits

  • Studio Drummer - Session Kit Full

  • Studio Drummer - Stadium Kit Full

  • Studio Drummer - Garage Kit Full

The Full versions of the kits have all samples and microphones included.

Lite Kits

  • Studio Drummer - Session Kit Lite

  • Studio Drummer - Stadium Kit Lite

  • Studio Drummer - Garage Kit Lite

The Lite versions of the kits include all velocity layers, but have no sound variations for same-velocity hits. This kit has a smaller memory footprint than the Full kits, at the cost of losing some realism.

Template Kits

  • Studio Drummer - Session Kit Template

  • Studio Drummer - Stadium Kit Template

  • Studio Drummer - Garage Kit Template

The Template versions of the kits start with all of the kit pieces unloaded from memory. They are based on the Full versions of the kits, and you can add the kit pieces you wish to include by using the Load/Unload menu at the bottom left of the Kit page (above the name of the selected instrument).


For the default drum mapping of these kits, please refer to the separate documents “The Session Kit - Default Mapping”, “The Stadium Kit - Default Mapping” and “The Garage Kit - Default Mapping”, included with the STUDIO DRUMMER documentation (via the Info button of the Instrument's Library tab in KONTAKT).