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VALVES Overview


VALVES Main page consists of key controls that allow you to tweak your sound, and provides access to a number of specialized editing pages.

VALVES offers easy access to key parameters and performance controls on its Main page. Additionally, you can tweak and fine-tune effects on the FX page, and customise playback of the five instruments using the articulation sequencers on the Sequencer page.

VALVES contains the following elements:

  1. Preset Browser: Opens the Preset Browser. For more information, refer to Browser

  2. VALVES Logo: Click to return to the main page from any section.

  3. Sequencer Page: Opens the Sequencer page, which enables you to edit the articulation sequences in use by each of the five instruments. For more information, refer to Sequencer Page.

  4. Mixer Page: Opens the Mixer page, which enables you to change and balance the levels of each of the instruments, and assign insert, send, and master effects. For more information, refer to Mixer Page.

  5. Settings Page: Opens the Settings page, which enables you to access global controls related to voice handling, pitch bend and tuning, as well as sample loading. For more information, refer to Settings Page.

  6. Main Control Area: Displays the content of whichever page is selected.

  7. Global Controls: Set global playback parameters, choose Moments sequencer patterns and alter the dynamics and character of the sound. For more information, refer to Main Page.