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Welcome to VALVES


Welcome to the VALVES online user manual. Find out how to use all features in detail and create your own sounds and articulations.

VALVES is an expressive brass instrument that places a richly sampled five-piece ensemble at your fingertips. Comprising tuba, euphonium, trombone, french horn and flugelhorn, it uses true legato sampling to achieve incredibly realistic playback articulations and dynamic control. To accurately create the feel and sound of a real ensemble its innovative design allows the playback of full chords while distributing notes dynamically and intelligently to the correct instrument based on their pitch. With each instrument featuring its own independent and fully editable polymetric sequencer, VALVES uses a range of different articulations to convert MIDI input into authentic and natural-sounding brass performances.

In addition, the MOMENTS feature allows each instrument's sequencer track to hold three different variations and all five instruments to play back different variations in combination. A Randomize function provides a quick and easy way to generate new sequences, while the Voice Alternates feature can ensure that instruments swap notes during playback for a more realistic and much less mechanical feel, just like in a real brass ensemble. The powerful mixer section contains a range of insert and send effects for each instrument as well as a Master effects section.

Thanks for choosing VALVES, we hope you enjoy it!

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