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The man behind THE MOUTH and THE FINGER

Tim Exile has been hectic since the release of THE FINGER. From touring with stars like Imogen Heap all over the world, from Australia to Jakarta to San Fran, to moving countries and setting up his new studio in East London, where the final touches to the Mouth have been crafted and stitched together, Tim has managed a rollercoaster year at breakneck speed.

Seemingly driven by a desire to obliterate the boundaries between electronic music and live performance, Tim Exile injects a true sense of unpredictability into his music. Having released numerous tracks on Planet Mu and now Warp Records, where his latest album The Listening Tree has received rave reviews, it's arguably his live show that fully encapsulates the essence of his mashed up, improvised, interactive, mutant pop music.

Looking to tour more extensively in the coming year, making full use of his products THE FINGER and THE MOUTH in his effusive live show, Tim also plans to pull others into his crazy world. His next project holds the key to embracing you in a whole new level of participation and musical acrobatics....

Watch this space:

Video: Tim Exile explains his live setup...


"One sunny autumn day many years ago I was asked to pick up the headline DJ from the airport for a club night. I loved his work, and expressed this by making 'wap-wap, brrr, neow-neow, boooom, ka' noises all the way to the hotel.

After not being asked to pick up famous DJs again I decided that I wanted a Proper Mouth. Not a mouth... a MOUTH... to bridge the gap between what was in my head and what I wished would come out of this disappointing bit of flesh beneath my nose.

10 years later I have made my dream. A PROPER MOUTH that takes the sounds you put in and turns it into what you actually meant to sing, beatbox, wapwap, brrr or neow in your own head. I use it live, I use it in the studio. I can't wait to share my mouth with your face."
Image courtesy of Karine Labrunie.
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