Effects in MASSIVE X can be part of the sound generation or used for more traditional output processing. In this section, you will learn how to enrich your sound using an Insert Effect and a Stereo Effect.

Note: If you jumped straight into this section or need to reset your sound, load the preset called QSG - 02 Effects from the Quickstart category in the preset menu.

Adding an Insert Effect

Insert effects are polyphonic, which means that the sound of every note you play is processed independently. This way, they can be used as part of the sound generation.

In this guide, you are going to use the Frequency Shifter. It breaks up the harmonic structure of the sound and can also be used to create lively phasing effects.

Use Insert Effect A’s drop-down menu to load the Freq Shifter.

Inserting the Frequency Shifter

Go to the Routing page and remove the existing connection from Wavetable oscillator 1 (1 Oscillator) to the first output by double-clicking on the wire. Then connect Wavetable oscillator 1 to the Frequency Shifter (A F Shift), and the Frequency Shifter to the first output.
On the Frequency Shifter, disable Wide mode, increase Feedback, and slightly decrease Freq to introduce a phasing effect. Play some notes to listen to the effect.

Adding a Stereo Effect

Stereo effects process the final audio output and can be used to enhance the sound. In this guide, you are going to use the Stereo Delay. It is a flexible yet easy to control echo effect that can add space and depth to the sound, or create interesting rhythmic effects.

Use Stereo Effect X’s drop-down menu to load the Stereo Delay.
Stereo Effect X processes the audio received at the first output, so the correct routing for this effect is already in place.

On the Stereo Delay, switch to from Neutral to Warm mode, enable Sync, and adjust the delay times to a rhythm you like. Decrease Color and Mix to separate the echoes from the direct sound and create more depth.
Tip: Try other types of Stereo Effects, for example the Verb and its mode Wanderlust. Tweak its controls for surreal and lush reverb effects.