Any sound created in MASSIVE X is based on connections made on the Routing page. In this section, you will get an overview of the Routing page and learn how to connect the Wavetable oscillator. Before you make this connection, there will be no sound coming from MASSIVE X.

Note: If you have not done so already, load the preset named Init - Massive X Blank from the Quickstart category in the preset menu.

Overview of the Routing Page

The Routing page defines the signal flow in MASSIVE X. You can freely arrange and connect any of the available modules to facilitate a variety of different synthesis techniques.

Open the Routing page in the Editor by clicking the Routing button in the Navigation bar.
The following overview highlights the elements that you are going to use in this guide:

Connecting the Wavetable Oscillator

Drag a wire from Wavetable oscillator 1 (1 Oscillator) to the first output.
When playing a note, the direct sound of the Wavetable oscillator can be heard.

Playing the Wavetable Oscillator

Go to Wavetable oscillator 1 on the left side of the Audio Modules in the upper section. There, open the Wavetable drop-down menu and load the wavetable Mephista from the Monster category.

Note: Click the user interface in the background or the X icon in the upper-right corner to close the menu after selecting the wavetable.
Turn the Wavetable Position and play some notes to explore the timbres of the Mephista wavetable. Before continuing with this guide, turn the Wavetable Position fully to the left.
Tip: Try other Wavetable Modes than Standard and use the two Wavetable Mode parameters to shape your sound.