Welcome to the MASSIVE X Quick Start Guide.

You will learn how to create a sound using MASSIVE X and make yourself familiar with some of the instrument’s key features and workflows. Additional tips at the end of each section can serve as a starting point for your own explorations.

If you have some experience with synthesizers, feel free to jump straight into any section using the navigation above. For beginners, we recommend spending some time reading through the whole guide.
First, take a look at the user interface to get an overview:

Setup Checklist

Download and install Native Access from this page.
Using Native Access, download and install MASSIVE X and the MASSIVE X Factory Library on your computer.
Open MASSIVE X in your host software.

Loading the Quick Start Guide Presets

At the beginning of each section in this guide, you can load an intermediate preset that represents the outcome of previous sections. This way, you can use every section independently or reset your sound after trying some of the additional tips. The following section assumes a blank slate, so you can build your sound from the ground up.

To get started, load the preset named Init - Massive X Blank from the Quickstart category in the preset menu.

Note: Click the user interface in the background or the X icon in the upper-right corner to close the menu after selecting the preset.