The sound of DAMAGE comes from loops, kits, and effects. All loops and kits are designed for seamless layering and maximum flexibility, and loosely classified in four styles: Epic Organic, Epic Tech, Industrial and Mangled Pop. Take a tour of DAMAGE in the tutorial video.


DAMAGE provides Loop Menus and Single Loops. The Loop Menus are matched loops, mapped intelligently across the keyboard, for quickly creating tempo-synced grooves. Mix and match loops across different styles to create unique, layered rhythms.

Single Loop presets combine detailed control and intuitive playability — tweak level, pan and tuning for each slice, and use key-triggers to randomize, freeze, drop or reverse slices in real-time.


DAMAGE offers 58 multi-sampled drum kits, constructed from more than 200 deeply sampled percussion sources and over 500 individual single shot elements. These hybrid kits combine percussion instruments and sampled objects to devastating effect, injecting power and personality into any production.

The unique 'Damage Hits' consist of layered impacts and tails that can be controlled independently via the modwheel. Perfect for stings and transitions.


Three levels of effects are intrinsically bound to the loops and kits — apply effects globally, trigger performance effects or tweak individual sounds:

Master Effects control distortion, reverb, delay, drive and more.

Trigger FX (pictured here) are switchable real-time effects with incredible scope for intuitive, creative sound-mangling.

The EQ and filters provide simple but effective fine-tuning per drum, and presiding over everything is the Punish knob, for signature drive and character — just dial-in the heat as required.


For DAMAGE, Heavyocity recorded traditional percussion, premium snares and toms, and an assortment of wooden and metal objects. Then they set out to capture more obscure sound sources, including exploding cars, cranes, a junkyard, a dumpster, and large objects dropped from great heights.

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