The Animator transforms chords into natural, realistic-sounding rhythmical phrases. Turn on the Animator, hold down a chord, and enjoy instant rhythmic arpeggios. It’s completely customizable — program up to 16 individual steps, then apply dynamics, groove and swing as required.

The Animator works in multiple time-signatures, and provides a choice of three short-note articulations: Staccato, Spiccato and Pizzicato. You have control over the bowing direction and here’s a special performance tip: assign the Animator to a footswitch to trigger it on the fly.


SESSION STRINGS PRO provides ‘Performance’ presets. In this case, ‘preset’ is a combination of tools and user interface options designed for live performance, improvising, and trying out new ideas.

Here, you can assign articulation changes to your pedals and controllers to keep both hands free for playing. Define up to five articulations in the same preset, one each assigned to Main, Velocity Switch, Sustain Control, Expression Control and Pitch Bend. The Animator is also part of the Performance Presets.


The Production presets are designed for detailed composition and recording. Here you can assign six articulations to six keys on your MIDI keyboard to change articulations easily.

The Round Robin control, available in both preset types, refers to the automatic sample circulation. SESSION STRINGS PRO provides up to four alternative samples per note and circulates up/down strokes automatically, for a realistic sound without the unpleasant 'machine- gun effect' found in some sampled instruments. This can be disabled for avant garde rhythmic experiments.


A sufficient array of articulations is a prerequisite for expressive and authentic sample-based strings. SESSION STRINGS PRO provides 29 articulations, many featuring custom control options.

Using Trills, for example, you can define a root key, which ensures that the trills you play automatically use the correct intervals. Glissando, alternatively, lets you control glide speed using a knob on your controller. The articulations available differ slightly between the Performance and Production presets.
 #  Articulation  #  Articulation
 1  Accented Sustain  16  Falls fast (short Glissando down)
 2  Normal Sustain  17  Falls slow (short Glissando down)
 3  Legato  18  Scoop fast (short Glissando up)
 4  Portamento  19  Scoop slow (short Glissando up)
 5  Glissando  20  Spiccato
 6  Glissando fast up  21  Spiccato bow direction up
 7  Glissando fast down  22  Spiccato bow direction down
 8  Glissando slow up  23  Staccato
 9  Glissando slow down  24  Staccato bow direction up
 10  Fortepiano  25  Staccato bow direction down
 11  Diminuendo  26  Pizzicato
 12  Fortepiano Crescendo fast  27  Tremolo
 13  Fortepiano Crescendo slow  28  Trill semi tone
 14  Crescendo fast  29  Trill whole tone
 15  Crescendo slow  


An integrated effects section with provides additional fine-tuning with three high-quality effects: a three-band parametric equalizer, a compressor and a convolution reverb. Choose from 10 different impulse responses and adjust the mix level as required. These integrated effects are particularly useful for performance.
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