MOLEKULAR features 16 modulation sources divided into four categories – each adds its own special morphing flavor. Use up to four LFOs, step sequencers, trigger sequencers, and logic modules in any combination or all at once. Frequency-based parameters can even be quantized to custom scales. From subtle effects to all-out mangling, your mind is the limit.


MOLEKULAR’s four LFOs can each be completely customized, mapped, and tweaked. Classic wave shapes such as sine, triangle, and square plus sample-and-hold operation add new life to your tracks. You can also customize the wave types – adjust the curves to create one-of-a-kind variations.


Build elaborate rhythmic structures with four step sequencers. Each sequencer features variable length and step size – emphasize any part of the meter with rhythms from simple eighth notes to advanced polyrhythmic structures. Sequencers can travel forward, backward, or be set to random for a taste of unpredictability.


MOLEKULAR comes with advanced trigger sequencers often found in hardware modular systems. Three trigger sequencers with a dedicated envelope featuring attack, gate, and release controls set accents or add bursts of effects. An envelope follower is also included for effects that follow the curve of a sound’s waveform.


Add an irregular, organic feel to the structure of your effects with up to four logic modules. Scale, smooth, crossfade or randomize one modulation source by another. Create new patterns and textural shifts based on the combined properties of several other modulators with any degree of precision or chaos.
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