Since we announced MASSIVE X, back in September, it’s been fantastic to see the excitement and speculation about various features and aspects. As we’ve read the things you’ve been writing online, we’ve noticed that the same things keep coming up. So, as the release date approaches, we think it’s time to answer some of your most common questions.
MASSIVE X is a VST, AU, AAX instrument, it doesn't run in REAKTOR or KONTAKT.
MASSIVE X and MASSIVE will coexist, ensuring ongoing MASSIVE compatibility for your existing DAW projects and access to your favorite MASSIVE sounds.
MASSIVE X is an entirely new instrument, with new features, and a completely new sound engine, so there’s no cross compatibility between MASSIVE X and MASSIVE.
No, MASSIVE X is not modular. But you can swap different DSP components (oscillators, filters, effects, envelopes, LFOs, and more).
We spent a lot of time designing the interface to be powerful but clear, building on MASSIVE’s saturn knob system. We decided customized colors got in the way of this clear interface.
You can have up to five. There are two primary wavetable oscillators, each augmented with a phase modulation oscillator, and it’s also possible to have up to three additional oscillators by using insert oscillators via the ‘IFX’ section
Yes! And if you already own KOMPLETE 12 (or ULTIMATE, or the COLLECTOR’S EDITION), you will receive MASSIVE X automatically as soon as it’s released.
‘Gorilla’ is the name of one of the oscillator modes – you’ll know why when you hear it.