If you’ve just downloaded TRAKTOR, you might be wondering where to start. Our getting started video has you covered – step by step. Get to grips with essential mixing techniques – from smooth transitions, to switching genres and using effects. You’ll be spinning big sets in no time!


One-shot videos for adding a little spice to your mix. Bring the heat with advanced tips and tricks for different genres, and use them in your next set for incendiary dancefloor devastation!



Get a sense of what the TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 and KONTROL S4 can do – with effects transitions, incorporating Stems, harmonic mixing, and ways to use new features like the S4’s pattern recorder.
Use Hotcues to jump around within a track for instant re-edits.
Mix in-key by sorting your playlists by key in TRAKTOR PRO 3.
Switch up your low end and give a track a new kind of vibe.
Punch in your own patterns using one-shot samples on the S4's step recorder.
Switch genres with some clever mid-mix re-editing using Hotcues and loops.
Use an acapella from a Stems track for a high-energy transition.
Easily transition between two tracks with different tempos.
Use Mixer FX for quick one-knob breakdowns to add new energy to a track.


Learn some basic tips and tricks, as well as lush transitions and four-deck essentials in this season. There are plenty of techniques which can be performed on different TRAKTOR controllers, as well as ways of freshening up the way you play.
Use BeatJump and Loop Move to quickly access different parts of a track.
Create loops at the beginning and end of tracks for long transitions.
Set HotCues within a track and play them to create new edits, rhythms, and flows.
Learn to combine four tracks at once effectively in Traktor.
Use the Delay Freeze function to control when a track drops into the beat.
Phatten two tracks with your signature custom loops, then mix between them.
Use Traktor Reverb for washed out transitions between tracks.
Use HotCues to create new melodic elements on top of a playing track.
Learn how macro effects work in Traktor – here to create a custom drop.


There are plenty of ways to tweak TRAKTOR so it works the way you do. In these videos, take a deeper dive into some of the cool things you can do to tune it to your style.

Create a keyboard shortcut to save your collection
Archive a set and save the tunes you played as a playlist
Clean up your effects list to see only the ones you use
Choose at what position a track will load
See which tunes you’ve been rinsing lately
Remove duplicate tracks to clean up your collection
See your freshest tracks first in your collection
Choose a range that suits you
Fine-tune the mixer section with different EQ models
From silky smooth to super-resonant, select the right filter for your style
Find tracks in a flash with a color-coded library
Create, save, and recall custom layouts
See everything you need, and nothing you don’t
Done something you like with the effects? Save it to do it again!
Know what to throw on, but not where you kept it? Search everything
A quick way to add tunes to your preparation list
Swap layouts with a click
Choose which kind of waveform you see in TRAKTOR
Duplicate a playing track to another deck
Set loops that aren’t 4/4.


ADSR have put together a full TRAKTOR PRO 3 masterclass, which takes you from the absolute basics to advanced tricks and techniques. Get the full course on their website – FREE for two weeks with the code “trktrk8l”.



Got a question about TRAKTOR PRO 3? Whether you’re having trouble setting up, or you have a technical issue that you need help with, our support pages help you fix your problem fast.

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