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Sección de viento madera de 36 piezas y solistas de primer nivel, grabados en la Iglesia Presbiteriana de Montclair, Oakland.
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The Komplete Brass and Woodwind library offers expertly sampled instruments that can be used to sculpt a vast assortment of soundscapes. Recorded at acoustically unique venues like Montclair Prebysterian Church in Oakland and St. Paul’s Church in San Francisco, the resulting sound is an authentic work of auditory art. Underscore scenes of misery, beauty, or adventure with a woodwind VST, a brass plugin, or a horn sample that makes blues truly blue. Each instrument is playable as an ensemble with the option to hand-pick a single instrument for an emotive solo performance – be it a tuba, an oboe, or a trombone – and all three instrument categories also come in lightweight versions for more straightforward production tasks.


The collective power of a woodwind ensemble can be a piece of commanding beauty or a spine-tingling horror. The Symphony Series - Woodwind is a phenomenal 38-piece ensemble of flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, saxophones, and bass winds. Recorded at the Montclair Presbyterian Church in Oakland, California, the samples offer an ultra realistic and detailed result. With 314 ensemble and 148 solo articulations, 4 mic positions, a mixer page, true legato, and an FX panel, this is the ultimate vst woodwind plugin for deep scoring anything from superhero movies to adventure games, melancholic Rom-Coms, and more.

The Symphony Essentials - Woodwind is the lightweight version of this software, ideal for on-the-go production that doesn’t require in-depth manipulation of the sound. The samples in this woodwind plugin are the same, with the software offering fewer articulation options, mic positions, and no true legato.


Discover the pristine sound of the 32-piece brass section of the Symphony Series - Brass. Comprising four eight-player sections – trumpets, horns, trombones, and tubas – the ensemble brass roars with timeless story-telling force and mythical vigor. With over 300 individual articulations, up to eight round robins, 4 mic positions, a mixer page, and time stretching for long articulations, the expression palette of this intuitive brass sample is versatile, complex, and realistic. This brass VST plugin lets you create traditional orchestral scores or creative soundtracks - from spy themes and fantasy films to Westerns or war stories. 

The Symphony Essentials - Brass offers a lite version of this brass VST with a pared-down choice of articulations and mic positions with no true legato and no time stretching - but still teeming with an incredible depth of sound.


Session Horns is a 4-piece brass section that is perfect for reggae, funk, Latin-inspired pop, or dreamy indie tracks. Authentically honoring the sound of the trombone, tenor sax, and two trumpets, this horn VST plugin is an exciting synergy of sounds that offer enhanced individualistic expression. With 170 flexible, playable phrases, the power of the horns is accessible to anyone. And the intuitive Smart Voice Split function acts as a virtual arranger, automatically assigning the right brass sound to the specific keys you play.

Session Horns Pro was created for those who want to go even deeper. Experience the acoustic magic of three saxophones, two trombones, three trumpets, a tuba, and a flugelhorn combined into a 10-instrument horn ensemble worthy of the most tender tremolos and the wildest grooves. With 38 pre-arranged section presets and the ability to customize your own section with up to six instruments split into four voices, you’ll always have the ideal sound for any genre or style of music.

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