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Session Guitarist – Acoustic Sunburst Deluxe

Tonos selectos tocados con una guitarra acústica jumbo de primera categoría, con más de 250 patrones y un instrumento melódico adicional.
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Whether you’re a pro player looking to take your picking to the next level, or you want to emulate those soaring leads and crunching riffs from your keyboard controller or synth, Native Instruments is your one-stop-shop. Our selection of guitar VSTs include guitar loops, samples, and FX that make it easy to craft a unique four-, five-, or six-stringed sound. 

From traditional folk to death metal, psychedelic delays, and haunting reverb — including totally free electric guitar samples and fully customizable acoustic patches — our guitar instruments and FX are bursting with tonal variety, authentically recorded to provide superb playability across acoustic, electric, and bass guitars with both strummed and picked patterns for maximum versatility and expression.


Designed for electric, acoustic, and bass guitarists — but equally comfortable as a creative tool for any instrument or sound source — GUITAR RIG 6 offers a universe of amps, effects, and utilities for limitless audio processing. Fast and intuitive to use, our flagship guitar VST allows you to design unique processing chains for a fully customizable tone. Simply plug in your axe using an audio interface and drag & drop your favorite components to start building.

Our intelligent circuit modeling (ICM) uses cutting-edge machine learning technology to recreate realistic and authentic tones, while an extensive collection of powerful effects — like distortion, saturation, compression, modulation, and reverb — enable near-infinite customization. And our dedicated artist GUITAR RIG presets cover all genres, delivering endless inspiration from heavy-hitting guitarists, bassists, songwriters, and producers.

Get started today with our free GUITARGUITAR RIG 7 player download and enjoy 3 effects and 50 ready-to-use samples and presets, or dive straight into our flagship GUITAR RIG 7 PRO for the ultimate in guitar amp emulation.



Native Instruments’ SESSIONS GUITARIST SERIES is ideal for musicians and producers who want to recreate the classic sounds of a bass or guitar but lack access or are unable to play one. Featuring thousands of playable patterns and phrases for use within KONTAKT or KONTAKT PLAYER, SESSIONS delivers authentic bass, electric and acoustic guitar VST samples that can be arranged in your DAW or played directly from any controller.

Our iconic SESSIONS collection covers a huge range of sounds, from ELECTRIC VINTAGE to GUITARIST STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 2, BASSIST PRIME BASS and many more. Write catchy riffs, craft dense rhythm tracks, and build complex guitar and bass solos, all while accessing full functionality to help you recreate glissandos, tremolos, dead notes, string bends and more.

Whether you’re looking for acoustic guitar loops or samples to deliver analog warmth to your tracks, or a cutting-edge electric banshee for a unique approach to any genre, SESSIONS puts the power of the guitar right at your fingertips.



Basslines form the backbone of your favorite tracks, and building those speaker-shaking tones is simple with the SCARBEE collection of bass guitar VSTs. From detailed and expressive funk rhythms to authentic recreations of iconic instruments, Native Instruments’ range of bass guitar loops and samples delivers highly versatile and playable bass tones for bass players and automators alike.

Discover over 6000 punchy, production-ready bass guitar samples and endless articulations with the JAY-BASS. Explore the Bernard Edwards (Chic) inspired 70s disco and funk sounds of the MM-BASS. Or dive into the detailed true amp tones of the RICKENBACKER® BASS. Whatever your sound, SCARBEE delivers versatile articulations to create the most memorable basslines.

Check out our complete collection of guitar loops, samples and VSTs and find the perfect stringed sounds for any track at Native Instruments.

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