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You will first receive an automatic email confirmation so you can be sure that we successfully received your application material. The relevant hiring manager will carefully check your documents and get in touch as soon as possible with further information.

In some cases we have an initial first HR call with you. In order to get more insight into your skillset, as a next step we prepare an assignment for you to work on and present to us. In most cases the next step is a first interview with the hiring manager – this can be a telephone/Google Hangouts video interview or an on-site meeting in our offices, in order to further discuss your candidacy and the job you applied for. Our first interviews usually take 45 - 60 minutes.

After a successful first interview there will be second interviews with your potential team and peers. Since it is very important to us that you get valuable insights of how our teams and departments work at Native, your second visit at our offices will require a bit more from you. Depending on the complexity and seniority of the position there can be up to three interviews, each one hour long – all in one day.

Once the interview process is complete and all parties involved are positive about the outcome, we will make you an offer :)

Please note that we receive many applications on a daily basis, so we cannot always get back to you straight away. We appreciate your patience and continuing interest in working with us and hope you can wait for us to get back in touch, even if it takes a bit longer – we always will.
Yes, please do! We believe that music plays a role in everyone's life. Just tell us what music means to you – whether it’s hands-on music production/DJing or a genuine inspiration in your life – what's your connection to music?
Of course! Although, for most positions it's necessary to relocate. We are a multi-cultural, international team with colleagues from all over the world and speak many languages at Native. However we decided to choose English as our company language :)

The company language is one thing, however, please note that for some specific positions having knowledge of the German language will be needed. This is due to a specific focus – such as following the standards/laws set in Germany or working with an external German client base. For such positions we will specify in the job description that German is needed.
Yes. The website is always up-to-date, and we post new jobs regularly.
In general, all positions that are listed on the website are still open, so you can still apply.
The easiest way to apply for a job at Native Instruments is using our online application form. Click "Apply Now" to open the form, then fill it out and attach your application documents. It won’t take more than 10 minutes to fill out the form.

Your application documents should include your cover letter, CV and scans of any relevant certificates or references. You can upload three attachments with a total maximum size of 10 MB. If this means that you can’t include some documents, please mention this in your application and you can send them later on if needed.
This applies to interviewees as well as employees: You can come and stay as you are. If you feel more comfortable working in a suit, that's fine. If you have a passion for fashion, that's great. Most of us wear clothing which we would describe as business casual. You can never go wrong with that.
All applications should include a motivation letter and a resumé (both ideally as PDF documents). Regarding the motivation letters: We really read them! They are very interesting to us since it's the first touch point and it should give us an idea of who you might be and what you offer.

You can also send us certificates and examples of your work that you consider relevant – especially for design related jobs.
We highly recommend you apply by using our online application form. Below each job description you will find the application form. Then please fill it out and attach the application documents required. It shouldn't take you longer than 10 minutes.
Native Instruments places great importance in the protection of your personal data. So receiving CVs via our online application form allows us to remain compliant regarding the collection, processing, and use of your data. For more information about our Data Privacy Policy, please check out this page.
We generally love to hear from you even if you can't find a suitable open job on our website. However, currently there is no other option than regularly checking our careers page for (new) open jobs. If you still would like to get in touch with one of our recruiters please find us on LinkedIn.
All the positions advertised are located in the specified entity of the company, and cannot be fulfilled in any other office or city.
All the positions advertised are located in the specified entity of the company, and cannot be fulfilled remotely – unless otherwise explicitly stated in the job description.